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No render set for node j:acl


When editing, I have such a message "no render set for node : j:acl for types : [jnt:acl]"


What is wrong with my site?


If you try to iterate all sub-nodes from a list, you may need to only display non system nodes. For instance, you should not list all children using such a for each:

<c:forEach items="${currentNode.nodes}" var="subList" varStatus="status"> 

Prefere this approch: 

<c:forEach items="${jcr:getChildrenOfType(currentNode, jcr:getConstraints(currentNode))}" var="subList" varStatus="status"> 

Explanation: If you use a code like ${currentNode.nodes} then all nodes will be returned also system nodes like j:acl the jcr:getConstraints(currentNode) returns all types which are allowed for a rendering, which means j:acl, jnt:translation nodes and some other system nodes are excluded, which not allowed as sub-nodes.