System Administrator Jahia 8

OSGi cache flush does not reinstall modules


After flushing of bundles-deployed folder and restarting the server, modules do not get installed.


With the provisioning mechanism introduced with Jahia, core module jars are not maintained under /modules, but handled through the provisioning mechanism.


Starting with Jahia, if a flush of the OSGi cache is done ( i.e, deleting contents under bundles-deployed folder), it is also required to rename the provisioning scripts present under [JAHIA_DATA_FOLDER]/patches/provisioning/. After the initial start of Jahia, these scripts would've been renamed with an extension .installed, .success, or .failed. These extensions need to be removed before restarting the server.
So your steps will be
- flush contents of bundles-deployed folder
- remove extensions for the provisioning scripts under [JAHIA_DATA_FOLDER]/patches/provisioning/
- restart Jahia