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Publication state of the current page not updated


At the end of publication job, the page is not refreshed and the publication state on the top-right corner is not refreshed.


Jahia relies on RPC and server-sent events to refresh the page and automatically update its publication state. Such connections typically open an HTTP connection, which is then used by the server to send updates to the client (as opposed to having the client regularly poll the backend for updates). This method has the advantage of being faster and less resource-intensive.

But, depending on their configuration, some anti-virus products might lead to issues in keeping the connection open and receiving updates.

For example, some anti-virus solutions can be configured to wait for the HTTP connection to be closed before analyzing and processing the request. But in that situation, the connection is never closed, and therefore never forwarded by the anti-virus to the browser.

In our research, we found the following products to be potentially subject to that issue: BitDefender, Sophos, Kaspersky, F-Secure. In most cases, an update to the anti-virus configuration profile should be sufficient to address the issue.

This blog article contains interesting insights about this issue.

Alternatively, clicking on the refresh button in Page Composer toolbar will force a refresh of the state.