404 app-shell jahia-dashboard Jahia 8

Requested resource is not available: /jahia/dashboard - Getting error even though jahia-dashboard is deployed and active


I recently migrated to Jahia 8 and after some issues during the upgrade, I am getting the following error after loging into Jahia dashboard:

[Error code: 404]: Requested resource is not available: /jahia/dashboard

I checked and the module jahia-dashboard is properly installed and Active in my environment. 

I already tried redeploying it, restarting jahia and also clearing the bundles-deployed folder.

How can I fix this issue?


If redeploying jahia-dashboard module didn't work, you are probably missing the module app-shell, which is mandatory for jahia-dashboard to work properly.

Please try to deploy the proper version for your Jahia release and try again.

If you can't access Jahia Modules Management, you can directly drop the jar file in the folder digital-factory-data/modules so the module is automatically deployed.