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The table JR_J_JOURNAL is getting bigger and bigger


The table JR_J__JOURNAL is getting bigger and bigger? Is there a way to clean it up?


Jahia/Jackrabbit has already a mechanism to clean this table, as explained there but it depends on the consistency of the table JR_J_LOCAL_REVISIONS.

This table can contain references to "old" Jahia nodes if the environment has been incorrectly cloned or down-sized.

To correct the situation, you have to:

  1. Delete the references to the "old" nodes in the table JR_J_LOCAL_REVISIONS
  2. If there is an important number of rows in the table JR_J_JOURNAL, it's advised to delete them manually. To do so, you can retrieve the lowest revision id of the current nodes thanks to the table JR_J_LOCAL_REVISIONS then delete by batch the table JR_J_JOURNAL as long as the value of the column REVISION_ID is lower than the revision id you retrieved