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Tips about flushing cache


Do you have documentation/guidelines to use the cache flushing features?


How to visualize the caches being used

  • Open the page Cache management (JAHIA_URL/modules/tools/cache.jsp):
    Screenshot_2021-04-15 Cache Management.png
  • Then click on the cache you want to explore, for example in our case, the cache WorkflowRuleCache
  • If you want to see the content of an entry, you can execute the following code in the JCR console:
def ehcacheKey = "";
def cacheEntryKey = "";
def cache ="org.jahia.ehcachemanager").getEhcache(ehcacheKey);
def element = cache.getQuiet(cacheEntryKey);;

(warning) Some values are not serialized so you might not be able to display them



What caches should I flush when

  • I have changed the permissions for a user:
    • LDAPUsersCache
  • I have a blank page:
    • in thepage Cache management (JAHIA_URL/modules/tools/cache.jsp), click on the linked named Flush HTML output cache