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Unable to install a module after migrating to Jahia 8


After migrating to Jahia 8, a customer module failed to install with the following error message:

Installation failed for bundles [file [/jahia/tomcat/temp/module-10807983150622700731.jar]] on target null (took 3585 ms). 

Operation error: Unable to find a module bundle corresponding to the key: org.jahia.modules/myTest-templateset/ 18:28:59,515: INFO  [ModuleManagerImpl] - Installation failed for bundles [file [/jahia/jahia-8000-disc/tomcat/temp/module-108079831



Starting from Jahia 8, the "org.jahia.modules" group id is now reserved for Jahia modules only. You will need to update your modules with another group id to fix this issue.


The solution here is to change the Maven Group Id of the modules (in the pom.xml file) to something other than "org.jahia.modules" which is now reserved for the official Jahia modules. Please make sure to check the Jahia version 8 migration guide for a smooth migration.