Why modules are not synchronized in Cluster


When I deploy a new module in the cluster, it is only deployed on one instance. It is not synchronized to other cluster nodes.


In some cases, it could happen that cluster synchronize-modules are not started well. It is recommended to check the state of the "Jahia Clustered Bundle Service". If this bundle it is in a resolved state, it is needed to start it. 

If possible, it should start it cluster-wide in Karaf command line (available in Jahia tools), first get the bundle ID with command:

cluster:bundle-list default

There should be a line like:

165 | Resolved | 95 | | Jahia Clustered Bundle Service 

Exact this bundle is the cause of the synchronize issue, in first row above you see the cluster bundle id so you can start it with command:

cluster:bundle-start 165 

and it is recommended to do a cluster syncronization: