That's it!

May 22, 2024

Congratulations you have successfully completed the JavaScript module creation tutorial! You have done a lot in this tutorial:

  • Setup a complete development environment using a Jahia Docker GraalVM image
  • Create a new JavaScript module by using the Jahia NPX starter project template
  • Create a new template set by downloading a static HTML template and integrated it into your JavaScript project, build it and deployed it to your server for quick validation
  • Updated the page template to add an area for free content insertion
  • Built, deployed and setup watching for changes in the template set project
  • Split the HTML into smaller content elements, created content type definitions for them and views to render them
  • Learn how to group content definitions for a better user experience
  • Learn how to debug the server-side JavaScript

If you want to compare your work to a full reference project you can find it here:

We hope you have enjoyed discovering the possibilities of Jahia with us and that you will be interested in learning more. Jahia is a powerful solution where content elements may also be dynamic, integrate with external systems, be personalized based on profiles, and much more.

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If you're interesting in learning more about JavaScript modules, here are some suggestions:

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