Migrate from Jahia 7.3 Community Edition to Jahia 8


Coming soon...

The migration from a Jahia 7.3 Community Edition to Jahia 8 requires to upgrade to Jahia 7.3.5 that will soon be available, the migration operation will be done in two steps:

  1. Upgrade to Jahia 7.3.5 Community Edition
  2. Migration to 7.3.5 Enterprise Edition
  3. Upgrade to Jahia 8
This page will be updated with all the necessary instructions once Jahia 7.3.5 is available.

In the meantime, we recommand you to go through the following resources:

Erratum: a previous version of this page mentioned that an upgrade to Jahia 7.3.5 Community Edition was needed to be able to migrate to Jahia 8 Enterprise Edition. This step is actually not required.

Please read all the instructions before starting the operation. The operation is done in two steps:

  1. Migration to Enterprise Edition
  2. Upgrade to Jahia 8

If you are going with the free license for Jahia 8, then you will need to install one Jahia Enterprise Edition per site (as the license only allows one site: contact sales@jahia.com)

Migration to Enterprise Edition

  1. Upgrade your environment to the latest Jahia Community Edition
    1. You can retrieve the fix appliers in this page.
  2. Export your site
  3. Install a new Jahia Enterprise Edition (coming with a free 30 days trial license)
    1. Unix installer
    2. Windows installer
  4. Deploy the modules used in your Community Edition installation to the Enterprise Edition one
  5. Import your site in the Enterprise Edition

Upgrade to Jahia 8

Before upgrading to Jahia 8, ensure that you have read all the migration guides:

The fix applier and its instructions can be found in the How to upgrade from to page (a free account is necessary to access this page)