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Knowledge base

Here is the access to the knowledge base maintained by the Support team. Data published here does not replace the documentation of this website but enriches it. Please take the time to test any answers on a development platform first.




Cannot access robots.txt
A static file robotos.txt  is present in tomcat/webapps/ROOT but the URL returns a 404.
Cannot import / referencesKeeper
When starting my Authoring server, the following error is displaying and the Jahia instance is shutting down:   2016-10-07 21:11:16,464: ERROR [JCRSessionWrapper]...
Cannot set up a Google Analytics Tracking ID to integrate with Jahia
Following Jahia documentation about Google Analytics integration I do not see the option to get a Tracking ID. I can get a Measurement ID though after...
Cannot start server due to lock issue
On startup of server, error similar to the following is being thrown: org.springframework.web.context.ContextLoader: Context initialization failed org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException:...
Category removed, but references still exists
When you remove a Category and not the references (when you continue after the warning that references exists), you could run into ItemNotFoundExceptions...
Change the homepage
Is it possible to change the homepage?
Change the icon of a custom menu item
How can I set a custom icon in a nav menu item?
Changing a browsing server to an authoring one
Initially, there is no cluster defined in the environment and thus, there were no "Authoring" servers. How to change a "Browsing" server to an "Authoring"...
Changing the session time out
How to change the default session timeout for Jahia?
Check consistency of specific nodes
How can I check the consistency of specific nodes at the Jackrabbit level?