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Knowledge base

Here is the access to the knowledge base maintained by the Support team. Data published here does not replace the documentation of this website but enriches it. Please take the time to test any answers on a development platform first.




About the usage of Jahia Macros
Are the Macros global to Jahia or locale to the module where they are defined?
Access to maven enterprise repository
How can I get jExperience sources or any enterprise bundle form my maven project?
Add a redirect action in context menu in edit mode
How to add a redirect action in a context menu in edit mode?
Add http header to requests
How to add http header in http response when a user download a file
Adding a custom font to a module
How to add a custom font to a module?
Adding lang tag in template
How could I add the lang attribute in my HTML tag?  I want to add the language of the text in an attribute based on the current language                                                                            ...
Add plugin to CKEditor
How to add a CKEditor plugin?
Add properties to metadata tabs
Ho can I add som new properties in the metadata tab?
A different Jahia Module with the same Id already exists 
After some refactoring, I'm not able to deploy my module. On the Jahia log, I can see the following message: ERROR [http-nio-80-exec-30] org.jahia.osgi.BundleUtils:...
Allowing POST and GET methods is not enough
A customer had changed the configuration and allowed methods are POST and GET. After this change, no language can be added to a web project.
Amason SES and Jahia
I have set up Amazon SES and got the following details (they're not real ;)): Credentials: Login: AIGHAHLOMAH4NEEH7THU Password: VEIF0Be3hophaV9Niojaeth+uwiegooche/quoxaef5iej...
A query over all users returns just 100 users.
Why a query over all users returns just 100 results, when I have much more users in LDAP?
Assets management
Until DX assets are aggregated and compressed by default on the server side, but with Modern JS what was once a best practice is now seen as a...
Bash script for bundles deployment with options
My deployment process is customized and involves several steps and operations in the bundles. Do we have a script or an automatized process to deploy a...
Bundle information at the filesystem level
Where can I find the information about installed modules in the filesystem?
Cache Fragment based on cookies
Is it possible to have cache fragments which are based on cookies (similar as requestParameters)?
Cache on WeakReference
When you have weakreference field on a content (for instance related events on a publication, and the events should display the publication) and you change...
Call an action when a node is created or published
A customer would like to know a way to call a Java Method when a Node is created or published.
Can't access tools after migration
After a migration to Jahia 8, we can't access the tools anymore, even if my user have the  System tools access permission.
Can't override bootstrap.min.css when using Jahia Bootstrap4 module
We want to use our own version of bootstrap4.min.css with a custom theme. When putting this file in a module on a css directory, our file is not served....
Can I add a custom favicon for documents?
We want to use a custom favicon for documents? Can we configure Jahia to generate a favicon for the pages and the documents?
Can I use tag files in modules
A tag file is a source file that contains a fragment of JSP code that is reusable as a custom tag.
Can not access robots.txt
A static file robotos.txt  is present in tomcat/webapps/ROOT but the URL returns a 404.
Cannot import / referencesKeeper
When starting my Authoring server, the following error is displaying and the Jahia instance is shutting down:   2016-10-07 21:11:16,464: ERROR [JCRSessionWrapper]...
Cannot set up a Google Analytics Tracking ID to integrate with Jahia
Following Jahia documentation about Google Analytics integration I do not see the option to get a Tracking ID. I can get a Measurement ID though after...
Category Manager for site users
Is it possible to manage categories for site users?
Change the homepage
Is it possible to change the homepage?
Change the icon of a custom menu item
How can I change the icon in a custom menu item?
Changing a browsing server to an authoring one
Initially, there is no cluster defined in the environment and thus, there were no "Authoring" servers. How to change a "Browsing" server to an "Authoring"...
Changing the session time out
How to change the default session timeout for Jahia?
Check consistency of specific nodes
How can I check the consistency of specific nodes at the Jackrabbit level?
Class bodywrapper not anymore in version 7
With DF 6.x, the whole classes of the event.css file of the event-1.3 module were prefixed with the class.bodywrapper. With DF 7.x, the version of the...
ClassCastException in a module with drools rule after deployment
When you deploy a new version of a module, which contains a java class for the drools rule service, it could happen that you get a ClassCastException like:...
ClassNotFoundException when redeploying a bundle with Job
When redeploying a bundle that has a quartz job, I get following exception. However, it seems that the Job works on restart. What is wrong? 2019-02-26...
ClassNotFoundException when using OSGI bootdelegation
When you use an JavaAgent (like AppDyn, PlumbR, ...) it is necessary to modify the org.osgi.framework.bootdelegation config to prevent ClassNotFoundException....
Class usage from another module in a view (jsp)
How I can use a class, from another module, in a jsp (a view in another module)?
Clean workflow tasks
The Jahia interface is telling me there are workflow tasks to achieve but when checking, no task is visible.
Common reasons for getting 404 errors
Error 404 or page not found error often occurs when there is an issue with finding the requested resource. Here are some of the common reasons and solutions...
Component icon not used
For my custom component, I want to show the icon. I placed the icons in the /resources/assets/icons folder, but I am not seeing them. Let me know if I...
Configuration Mail Server in Jahia
How to configure mail server in Jahia administration URL field?
Connection closed without indication (Code: 150) when trying to export jCustomers profiles on a FTP
When trying to export profiles on my FTP I get the following error: 2021-07-15T13:53:24,280 | WARN | Camel (camel-1) thread #24 - timer://collectProfile...
Content does not seem to be published
Modifications have been made in the edit mode and have been published but they're not present in live, do you know why? There isn't any error in the logs....
Content from EDP not displayed in the search results
I have an external data source implementing ExternalDataSource.Searchable but when I run a search I don't see the results from the EDP using the tag s:results...
Cookie JSessionId not secure
Our security team has reported that the cookie JSessionId is not secure, what can we do?
Creating Internationalized links
How to create internationalized external links in Jahia?
Creating many-to-many relationships in Jahia
Is it possible to create a real n to m relation between content in jahia and how to do it?
Crop image - Changing default sizes options
I want to change the default sizes when selecting the option crop image. Is there an easy way to do it without redeploying application?
CSRF Error on custom action
When I try to use my custom action I get an error and seems the action is not available, what can I do? The error is [CsrfGuard] - potential cross-site...
CSS, JS assets behaviour in browser cache
Is there a way to force the browser to reload assets when they are updated?
Current logged users on system
Is there a way to get the current count of logged users?
Customize Excerpt
How can fields be excluded from excerpt (in search results)?
Customizing the Side Panel Columns in the Content Manager
Is it possible to customize the columns of the Side Panel in the content manager in edit mode?
Custom logger
Is it possible to define custom loggers, to log some information in a special log file?
Custom workflow defined and nodes get not unlocked
When I run the custom workflow. Some nodes stay locked. No modification is possible
DB Warning on startup: Establishing SSL connection without server's identity verification is not recommended.
After a migration from the DB (MySQL), in the log appear WARN: Establishing SSL connection without server's identity verification is not recommended. According...
deactivate automatic set of image sizes in ckeditor4
When you upload a picture with the default "image" plugin, it automatically inserts the width and height of that image. It saves it as a style attribute...
Debugging objects in JSP with jahia logs
I want to debug some JSP objects in my view to troubleshoot an issue. How can I log these objects in jahia logs?
Delete a language
How to delete an existant language from a webproject?
Delete the content of a language
Removing a language from a site a non-destructive process and the content can be retrieved once the language is added back to the site. Is it possible...
Deleting a node or a site with a script
How to delete a node or a site with Groovy script?
Different versions for the CKEditor configuration fragment
Is it possible to maintain different versions of the CKEditor configuration fragment produced by http://localhost:8080/modules/tools/ckeditorConfig.jsp
Different ways to activate maintenance mode
At the moment (January 2021, Jahia releases and, the property maintenanceMode is not being handled by Jahia (cf
Display line break on datadog
In our Jahia 8 environment, \n is printed instead of an actual line break.
Document content length exceeded the configured limit
What is the meaning of this information? 2016-07-19 08:41:20,106: INFO [TextExtractionService] - Document content length exceeded the configured limit....
Embedding a custom HTML/Javascript in a Jahia page
How can I embed a custom HTML/Javascript code in Jahia?
Error "Bad check digit" at startup
When starting Jahia, I have the following error: 2021-12-28 14:41:36,546: ERROR [JCRStoreProvider] - Couldn't mount provider null java.lang.IllegalArgumentException:...
Error adding personalization in jExperience - Cannot contact remote server: error 500 - ConstraintViolationException
I recently installed jExperience but I am getting an error in the UI every time I try to add a personalization: Cannot contact remote server: error 500...
Error when upgrading Jahia version in a custom module pom.xml
When the Jahia version inside the pom.xml of a module is upgraded, it could lead to some errors on the build. Specially when automatic tests are active....
Exclude js from minification
When using javascript included in a JSP page with the template:addResources tag ()...
Execute an action when visibility changes
In Jahia, a Visibility Condition can be set to schedule when content will be visible. How can we execute a custom action when the visibility starts/ends?
Export/import of a large website
How can I export or import a large website?
external agents needs bootdelegation update in Jahia 8
When trying to use external agents like appDynamics to check the health of the environment. The compatibility must be checked.
Extract token informations from OAuth 2.0 authentication using Jahia 8 and authentication modules
How to extract token informations (or any other data available in the connection results) from OAuth 2.0 authentication using jahia-authentication and...
Fill access-log with additional information like siteKey
Is it possible to add additional information in access-log (siteKey, username, etc.)?
Filter condition applyOnTemplates only works if the template is in the URL
How to create a custom filter condition?
Find and unlock locked nodes
In some instances, it might be required to unlock a node that is currently locked. How is that done and is there a way to bulk unlock all locked nodes?
For new users the category manager is not accessible
Why new users cannot use the category manager?
Forward to an servlet
Is it possible to forward dispatcher.forward(request, response); to a servlet or another page?
fuzziness in augmented search
How does fuzzines in Augmented Search work?
Generate a sitemap
My website does not have a sitemap and I need to generate it: how can it be done?  
generate systemname in java code or in a script
Content is generated in java code or in a script, but the title isn't synchronized to the systemname. Is it possible to activate an automatic synchronization?
Geolocation information collected with jExperience
What location related information is collected with jExperience, and what is persisted?
Get a preview of a content without putting it into a page
Content created in Content Manager, how to preview it without inserting it into a page.
Get latest/started version of a module
How to get the latest version or stated version of a module?
Get line number in front of rows in content manager in Jahia 7
In content manager some of the listed content does not have row numbers.
How can I export support information about Unomi/jCustomer JVM, like thread dumps, heap dumps, bundles states and others?
I have performance issues in my jExperience/jCustomer/Elasticsearch stack, and I suspect the responsible for the performance decay is jCustomer. Do we...
How can I generate the XML file for a silent installation
How can I generate the XML file for a silent installation?
How is the cluster.node.serverId build? under digital-factory-config/jahia/contains a property named cluster.node.serverId How is this property built? Is it safe when cloning...
How to (re)generate image thumbnails
If you want to create a new thumbnail size for your images or if you want to regenerate all existing thumbnails for your images,
How to access the site settings without a site-administrator role?
How to allow a user to run an action in the site settings without adding a site-administrator role?
How to access the tools using wget and token
Starting with DX we have introduced CSRF protection for all the tools requests. In this context if you are executing requests against the tools...
How to access to developer tools from a Jahia cloud environment
I'm unable to access the developer tools from a Jahia cloud environment. Here is the UI from my local instance:  
How to access Tomcat logs without access to the filesystem
How to access Tomcat logs without access to the filesystem?
How to add a cron job
What is the way to schedule a job in Jahia?
How to add asynchronous resources?
Is it possible to add ressources in a asynchronous way as the below script tag?
Howto add Bypass Workflow button?
Is it possible to have the  Bypass Workflow button with the editor profil?
How to add thumbnails in a choice list
How to add thumbnails in a choice list, as we have in the bootstrap component to choose a predefined grid
How to allow end user sorting a list
If you want to allow an end user to sort a list, then you should build a query on your list.  In this basic example, we will show how to allow the end...
How to authorize (or not) a user to use a template?
Here is the use-case: we want to allow some basic users to be able to use some templates, and we want to allow some advanced users to use more templates.
How to automate the site export?
How to automate the site export feature?
How to avoid IllegalStateException in URL redirections from authentication valve?
I implemented a custom authentication valve which performs a redirection before invoking the next valve in the pipeline. The authentication works fine,...
How to call a particular view of a node?
The customer has created a view called shortand he wants to call it as How to call...
How to call the view of a node from the URL when SEO rules are applied on that node?
The customer would like to call the view (default or non-default) of a node and SEO rule is applied to this node.
How to change the default favicon?
Here are different ways to use your custom favicon.ico
How to change the Jahia Tools password?
How to encrypt the Jahia Tools password?
How to change the order of results in Jahia Search?
When using the default Jahia Search forms like Simple Search Form the results are displayed in relevance order. Is it possible to change this configuration...
How to change the time in Jahia cache for images?
How to change the time in Jahia cache for images?
How to change the value of the external links in JCR?
How to change the value of the external links in JCR?
How to check Augmented Search Index contents
How can I check the content of the Augmented search index in elastic search?.
How to check if the SSL certificate of my website is going to expire?
How to check if the SSL certificate of my website is going to expire?
How to configure SEOs without specifying a default one
In Jahia, it is not possible to configure SEOs without having one set as default SEO. The following solution should let you get around this requirement.
How to configure the email in a newsletter?
Where to set the sender email address used when sending a newsletter?
How to convert HTML code to text
I want to extract long description in a list
How to create a click on image link goal in jExperience
With jExperience, you can create a "click on link" goal whereby you can track the users who clicked the link as mentioned in this documentation. As mentioned...
How to create a custom skin
Skins are very useful to embed any content with HTML. 
How to create a new picker for Jahia 7.3?
How to create my own new picker that only allow to pick a type of node?  
How to create a package
A package is a module that comes with several modules. It's very useful to deploy multiple modules at once. Here is a quick how-to that illustrate the...
How to customize the error pages?
The customer would like to know the how to provide custom error pages in Jahia 8.
How to customize the search labels
The customer would like to customize the labels of the Search taglib.
How to customize the Search tab of the Document manager
Is it possible to customize the Search tab of the Document manager in order to add new search criteria on our own properties added to the jnt:;file node?
How to deactivate a business rule?
How to deactivate a rule? For example, the one creating thumbnails upon image upload?
How to deactivate cluster synchronization of configuration files?
How can I deactivate the cluster synchronisation of configuration files? So that I can use different configurations on my cluster nodes.
How to deactivate the Webdav access
How to deactivate the Webdav access?
How to declare a custom picker?
How can I declare a custom picker in Jahia 8 in order to specify specific values for: the root node of the picker to point to a specific page / folder...
How to define an unlisted type of content
How to define an unlisted type of content and how to create such a content? Occasionally, you need to define components that are not listed in the list...
How to deploy an Unomi extension
I want to deploy an Unomi extension. Can I have an example on how to deploy a custom plugin with a real application?
How to determine is the user is logged in
I need to alter the navigation Login buttons to Logout when the user logs in. How do I do this client side?
How to disable the JS and CSS minification?
How to disable the JS and CSS minification?
How to disable the mail notification of a site administrator?
How to disable the mail notification of a site administrator?
How to display your custom node types in the editorial picker tree as folders
The following nodetypes are displayed by default like folders in the tree of the editorial picker (in the left panel): jnt:page jnt:navMenuText jnt:virtualsite...
How to edit all data of a specific user?
The administration panel does allow to change some of the values such as Name, Surname or organization, but not other fields like function, phone numbers...
How to embed the the Google Tag Manager
What is the best way to embed the Google Tag Manager into my site?
How to export all websites with a Groovy script?
How to export all websites with a Groovy script?
How to export information about a user?
Is there a way to export information of users in Jahia?
Howto export website with wget authentication
How to export a website using a script with authentication parameters  
How to filter jExperience profiles by site using Search
I have a multi-site environment and I would like to use the search to filter users accessing only a specific site, but the Search is returning all profiles...
How to fix error java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Metaspace
My application is throwing the following error: ERROR [INT-2,shared=tcp-jahia-shared] org.jgroups.protocols.TCP: JGRP000030: null: failed handling incoming...
How to force a publication
You have a message "Nothing to publish" but you know that something has been modified. 
Howto force Jahia to read all LDAP users
Is there any configuration from Jahia Administration for hot deploying of users/groups LDAP ? The customer has noticed DX does not update the users...
How to generate absolute links?
A remote site must integrate a content view using AJAX. The various links inside the HTML produced must be absolute and not relative because of this
How to generate a private key and a certificate signing request (CSR)?
How to generate a private key and a certificate signing request (CSR) to get a SSL certificate for Jahia Cloud?
How to generate a report on activities of a particular user?
How to generate a report on activities of a particular user
How to generate the URL to a node and prevent context issues
How to generate the URL to a node and prevent context issues
How to get the size of binaries in the JCR?
Our datastore is getting bigger and bigger and we would like to reduce its size. How can we achieve that?
How to give read access to the preview mode
Sometimes, you want to give read access to a user on the preview mode to a user.  This role is not native to Jahia but it's easy to do. Here are the different...
How to handle ElasticSearch bulk queue full with requests from Jahia?
I have a Jahia feature like Augmented Search or jExperience that makes bulk requests to ElasticSearch. I noticed several errors in jCustomer logs like...
How to hide details from Tomcat error page
By default, the Tomcat error page provides detailed information about the error thrown and also reveals its version. How can we hide this?
How to impersonate a user
How to impersonate a user? For example to debug some permission problems or to give access to the Customer Support team.
How to increase the size of the system names?
How to increase the size of the system names?
How to install an Apache server in front of Jahia?
How to install an Apache server in front of Jahia?
How to integrate Jasypt encryption in Jahia
How to use encrypted values in Jahia properties file at platform and module level and have them decrypted on-the-fly when used in Spring beans?
How to integrate Jolokia and Telegraf with Jahia
I want to integrate Jolokia with Jahia and use Telegraf as a client to get JVM metrics from Jahia. How can I do that?
How to keep jCustomer profile for 1 year
By default, inactive profiles are being purged after 180 days. How can we increase this value to keep them for 1 year?
How to listen login or logout events?
How to enable the listening of Jahia Login/Logout system events?
How to manage locked nodes when running Groovy scripts?
How to manage locked nodes when running Groovy scripts?
How to merge 2 categories
What is the way to merge 2 categories?  
How to override default views?
How to override default views?
How to permanently change Jahia properties in Jahia docker images?
I am using Jahia docker images from docker community and I need to permanently change Jahia settings so they are effective after a reboot. How can I do...
How to play audio files?
Is there a built-in multimedia component for playing audio files?
How to preserve the bundle status when upgrading Jahia
When upgrading Jahia to a version prior to, some modules may not start automatically.  
How to protect from brute force login
How to protect from brute force login?
How to purge Marketing Factory data that is created in Unomi and Elastic search
Marketing factory utilizes Unomi (and Elasticsearch) to provide its functionality.  In certain cases, it might be required to delete/purge all the data...
How to rebuild search indexes?
How to rebuild search indexes?
How to redeploy a template or a module to all cluster nodes?
How to redeploy a template or a module to all cluster nodes?
How to redirect my default Jahia web application login page to a customized one?
I want to redirect unauthenticated users to a custom authentication application instead of the default one for my Jahia web application. How can I do that?
How to re-index a site?
Is it possible to run a partial re-indexation of the JCR repositories?
How to remove a property from a nodeType?
How to clean up a nodeType definition to remove a property?
How to remove jars of uninstalled modules from the JCR
How to remove uninstalled modules stored in the JCR? 
Howto remove mixin in a subtree
After a wrong manipulation, all nodes of a subtree have the mixin jmix:markedForDeletion. Is there a way to remove this mixin (or any mixin) from a subtree?
How to remove the default Jahia documentation links in the home page in Jahia 8?
How to remove the default Jahia documentation links in the home page?
How to rename a template set?...
How to rename a template set?
How to replace hardcoded link on richText with dynamic references
Some of my users use richText with hard link URL in it like :
How to restore a cluster environment to an existing pre-production one?
How to restore a production environment to an existing pre-production one?
How to restore a published version
An editor has made some errors and he wants to get back his content from the latest published version.
How to safely remove jCustomer/Unomi landing page and Web Tracker application installed by default?
jCustomer and Unomi provide a landing page "Welcome to Apache Unomi" and also web tracker application by default. How can I safely remove these?
How to send a notification when the root user login
How to send a notification when the root user login?
How to set the home page of a site with the j:isHomePage property?
We would like to set the property j:isHomePage to for a specific page.
How to skip SPNEGO authentication for Jahia users
Is it possible to bypass spnego valve and login directly to Jahia, for instance, with root user?
How to transfer nodeType definition from a module to another?
Sometimes, when some refactoring is needed, we have to transfer definitions from a module to another. Let's have an example:
How to troubleshoot jExperience events sent to jCustomer/Unomi and which rules were triggered
How can I see the content of events sent from jExperience to jCustomer/Unomi and check which rules were triggered for each profile/session?
How to upload files through the file system?
Is there an external solution (on file system) to upload PDF files rather than copy them in the JCR repositories?
How to use a custom Java Cryptographic Extension (JCE)?
When I try to use the custom JSE com.rsa.jsafe.provider.JsafeJCE, I get the following error message: JCE cannot authenticate...
How to use Category Selector as Single Selector?
How to use Category Selector as Single Selector?
How to use the assets of my bundle instead of the asset from another one?
I am trying to add a reference to font awesome in my project. Font Awesome assets are presents in my bundle, and added a reference to it like using
HTML code injection by Page Composer
Page Composer injects code in the page, changing the DOM, to render the buttons and controls that allow you to create and manipulate your content. These...
ignore workflow button
Some users cannot see the "Bypass Workflow" button in the workflow dialog, why is that?
Implement multifactor authentication
How to implement multi-factor authentication in Jahia?
In a Cluster a node return a 404 error after a import/site creation, after publication
Why a cluster node returns a 404 error on a freshly created website (import)?
Include css/javascript from a third party folder from a module
How can I include a css/js file from another folder as css or javascript in the module?
Include groovy scripts in module
How can I include groovy scripts in a module and run them later?
Incorrect module affected with Karaf bundle action
In a cluster, when a bundle is stopped/started/uninstalled with bundle ID, sometimes the wrong bundle is affected on another node. What's the best practice...
Indexing a site on Augmented Search
How can I trigger a full Augmented Search reindexation on select sites?
Is it mandatory to add all shapes of a keyword in the metadata tab of a content?
A keyword Vitalité is added in the metadata tab of a content. Is it mandatory to add all shapes of a keyword in the metadata tab of a content? VITALITE...
Is it possible to add a RequestFilter
Is it possible to add a RequestFilter? For instance, to check permissions on resources (like files).
Is there a clean-up process for Journal entries in database for a Jahia cluster? Can I change the time and frequency of such process?
I have many entries in JR_J_JOURNAL table in my Jahia database and I want to know if a clean-up process is running for my instance. Also I want to specify...
Is there a helper module to migrate custom modules to Jahia version 8?
I am migrating my environment to Jahia version 8 and I am getting several errors in my custom modules. Is there a place where I can find documentation...
Is there a way to publish a node without the child nodes?
2 questions: Is it possible to not publish a parent node without publishing its child nodes. When a child node is added to a parent node is it possible...
Jahia 7.x as a Windows service
How to install Jahia 7.x as a Windows service?
Jahia Calendar documentation
Is there any documentation to use the Jahia Calendar module?
Jahia Fix Applier Options
When executing fix applier, you can pass the following optional arguments.
Jahia links are not in https
Jahia is accessed with the HTTPS scheme but the generated links in the page are in HTTP
Jahia Search - How to configure "did you mean" feature?
I have a default configuration for Apache Lucene search and I want to use the feature "did you mean" in my Jahia search, but it doesn't seem to be working....
Jahia Stack Connect Example
Jahia Stack Connect allows you to easily integrate jExperience with over 250 applications, out of the box, and with a simple drag and drop UI. Below is...
java.lang.LinkageError: loader constraint violation for class - Error after updating my custom module and Jahia to a newer JDK
I am migrating my Jahia to a newer JDK 11 version. I had to update some dependencies and plugins in my custom module to get libraries versions compatible...
JExperience (Marketing Factory) doesn't update dynamic segments after profile import
I am importing profiles using Profiles Import feature in jExperience. Once I finish the import I check the Dynamic Segments profiling tool and the segments...
jExperience and context server port
Is it possible to specify a different port to use for the context.js (different than the one specified for the context server)?
jQuery 2.x on Digital Factory
Is it possible to use another JQuery version than the one embedded with Digital Factory
LDAPs and OpenJDK11
I have switched to OpenJDK 11 and my LDAP provider, using a SSL connection, is not working anymore. I have the following error: 2019-07-03 09:07:43,088:...
LDAP user is added to an LDAP group this is not visible in the membership
LDAP user is added to an LDAP group this is not visible in the membership
List of URLs to block
What is the list of URL that might be blocked from the proxy to avoid users to access them?
liveProperties and JCRObservationManager eventlisteners
What are the liveProperties in live mode?  How can the liveProperties deactivated?
Logout redirection using absolute url to /cms/render/default/... is not working using HTTPS
Is it possible to setup a logout redirection to /cms/render/default/... using an absolute URL? For instance:
Make a change in definition when content already exists
The same mixin defined in several modules does not contain the same amount of properties. The goal is to put a unique definition in a common module shared...
Managing the size of Elasticsearch data with automatic data purging in jCustomer
Customer is using jExperience for a while and verifies an increasing growth of filesystem usage in their Elasticsearch server. Does jExperience/jCustomer...
Marketing Factory segments are not updating after profile import. Need to save segment to make it work.
I am using Unomi 1.3.1 and after importing profiles in Marketing Factory the segments are not updating. I need to individually open and save each one of...
Method PROPFIND is not is not implemented
The customer was facing this recurring: 2016-07-04 06:53:33,937: ERROR [ErrorLoggingFilter] - Method PROPFIND is not is not implemented by this servlet...
Missing nodetypes in import validation - How to discover which modules are missing
You tried to import a web project from one oficial environment to a new environment and some contents showed nodetypes validation errors. You need to figure...
Mixin that extends jnt:category not available in categories
Customer extends jnt:category with a mixin similar to [jmix:extend_category] mixin extends = jnt:category itemtype = content - name (string) mandatory...
Mobile web developer guide
Is the Mobile web developer guide ( ...
Module state not replicated accros the cluster
The state of a new module is not being replicated across the cluster
Multiple versions of a module and content definition
Why is content types not picked up from the active version of the module, when multiple versions are available.
My component is not usable in contribute mode
Here is my definition. It works fine on edit mode but I'm not able to use it in contribute mode.; this component not listed in the components list to use...
My custom picker does not work on Jahia 8
Here is the definition of my property (in Bootstrap 4 button, for instance) - internalLink (weakreference, picker[type='editoriallink']) < jmix:droppableContent,...
Needs a restart to see the code changes reflecting
Our production environments need to be restarted to see the code changes reflecting. Why do I have to restart the production environment to see code changes...
No render set for node j:acl
When editing, I have such a message "no render set for node : j:acl for types : [jnt:acl]" What is wrong with my site?
Null Pointer Exception on Newsletter module
The newsletter module produces a Null Pointer Exception when you create a newsletter. How we can fix this Null Pointer Exception?
One FQDN to rule them all
Is it possible to use one fully qualified domain name (FQDN) for multiple websites?
On some documents the excerpt (highlight) on search results is not working
Why the excerpt doesn't appear on some documents in search result?
OutOfMemory, Jgroups, IPV6
After migrating to new servers with a more recent OS, Jahia encounters OutOfMemory errors on a regular basis. The heap dump indicates an high number of...
Override default Jahia login page
How to override default Jahia login page
Override Navigation Menu
How to override Navigation Menu? The view is not available as a JSP.
Own action menu Entry
Is it possible to have an own GWT action menu entry?
Pool size must be set
The customer was asking the meaning of this error: Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Pool size must be set and > 0 These error details are...
Procedure for backup/restore
Is there a procedure to backup and/or restore an environment?
Publication status is after migration no longer visible
Why the publication status of pages disappear after migration?
Register a custom servlet
How you can register a custom servlet?
Remove home and .html suffix from URLs
How to remove the .html suffix and home from the URLs of my website?
Requested resource is not available: /jahia/dashboard - Getting error even though jahia-dashboard is deployed and active
I recently migrated to Jahia 8 and after some issues during the upgrade, I am getting the following error after loging into Jahia dashboard: [Error code:...
resource property files are not encoded well
Why the properties in resources are not encoded well? Example : #/src/main/resources/resources/ #Thu Jul 25 19:48:57...
Restart after migration produce javax.jcr.nodetype.NoSuchNodeTypeException
On the first restart after the migration a lot of javax.jcr.nodetype.NoSuchNodeTypeException are thrown . How can it solved?
Restarting Jahia instance after upgrade
Is it necessary to restart Jahia instance every each upgrade?
Restore legacy managers
After upgrading to DX, the document, content and site managers have disappeared. Why? How can I bring them back?
Restore module states
How can I force reinstallation of all bundles ?
Restore OSGi configurations from database
How can I restore OSGi configurations stored in JCR ?
Retrieve link checker results as CSV
How to retrieve the results returned by LinkChecker to a file?
Rules for a specific site
How to to set rules for jnt:page node inside a specific site.
Security about gwt/fileupload
The customer would like to know the utility of the URL
SEO for component view
Is it possible to have SEO/VanityUrl for a component view?
Set the index tablespaces to use when Jahia is creating the tables
Is it possible to specify the name of the data and the index tablespaces to use when Jahia is creating the tables and the indexes the first time?
Setting authorizedRedirectHosts in Jahia
How to set the authorized Redirect Hosts/URIs in Jahia?
Simulate Automatically synchronize name with title in Java
Is it possible in Java to produce pre-calculated name in jcr:title like in the UI with mix:tilte.
Sitemap checkbox not visible in the Options tab
In order to add pages in the sitemap, there is a Sitemap checkbox in the Options tab of a page. However, this one is not visible, why?
Size of textarea in edit and contribute mode
Is it possible to change the height of the textarea in an edit dialog?
Special nodes should have own workflows
Is it possible to have nodes which have an own workflow without inherit it from parent. Without any manual change in workflow tab.
Special Validators on Fields
Is it possible to have a special Validator on a field, like a Date Validator?
Specific category picker
Is it possible to have a category picker, which shows a subtree of categories instead the full tree?
Splitting the definitions.cnd file
Is it possible to split a large definitions.cnd file into multiple files?
springmvc implementation not working
When trying to implement a spring-mvc in my project with this example I always get the 400 error 400 - Bad Request...
Take thread dumps periodically for bottleneck investigation
How to take periodically thread dumps to help investigate performance/bottleneck issues?
The class specified in TLD for the function cannot be found
When using a view, I have the following error: 2022-12-20 08:07:58,919: ERROR [http-nio-80-exec-20] The class...
The properties linked to a templateMixin are displayed in a reverse order of their definitions
Why are the properties linked to a templateMixin displayed in a reverse order of their definitions?
The table JR_J_JOURNAL is getting bigger and bigger
The table JR_J__JOURNAL is getting bigger and bigger? Is there a way to clean it up?
Tips about flushing cache
Do you have documentation/guidelines to use the cache flushing features?
Unable to add child node in contribute mode
A node is configured to be added in contribute mode, but the user is not able to add its child nodes
usage of a custom SearchProvider
Since Search Settings are no longer available in Server Administration (> Jahia can you switch to a custom search provider?
Users logging using an Oauth connector are not properly registered in the right jExperience profile. How can I fix that?
I have a solution using a custom connector for Jahia Oauth modules. When a user logs into Jahia using the default method, everything works fine and the...
Velocity problem
Velocity parameter is no longer working, which could lead to velocity.log (Permission denied)
Visibility of ListOrderingTab
Why the ListOrderingTab is not visible for all types (e.g. pages)?
What are the JBoss versions supported?
What are the JBoss versions supported on Jahia 6.6 and DX 7.1.2?
What are the recommendations regarding the cluster node id?
What are the recommendations regarding the cluster node id?
What is jahia_journal table used for, and can it be purged?
What is jahia_journal table used for, and can it be purged?
What is the file size limit to import profiles from a file in jExperience?
I am using the feature of Importing profiles from a CSV file described here but I am getting an error indicating the file is too large. What is the limitation...
What is the grammar used by Jahia to define rules?
What is the grammar used by Jahia to define rules?
What is the jmix:templateMixin
If a definition inherit of the mixin jmix:templateMixin, then the extended nodeType could inherit of this mixin.  
What is the maximum size of an uploaded file
In Jahia 7.x, is it possible to download files with a size greater than 50MB? In which configuration file, this value could be set? Are there any constraints...
What is the property corresponding to vanity URL?
What is the property corresponding to vanity URL?
What is the purpose of each Jahia database table? Can I remove data from tables to save space in my database?
Please do not attempt to alter the tables content without the validation by Jahia support team. The customer has several database tables added by Jahia...
Why is my homepage not rendered in live mode
Why is my homepage not rendered in live mode?
Why is my require-capability in pom.xml not working?
Why is my Require-Capability in pom.xml not working?
Why modules are not synchronized in Cluster
When I deploy a new module in the cluster, it is only deployed on one instance. It is not synchronized to other cluster nodes.
With the end of support of flash, my videos don't play
Since Flash is not supported anymore, my videos don't play. I'm using the default type jnt:video. What can I do?
Would it be possible to include a jsp from another module
Would it be possible to include a jsp from another module?
wrong userinformation shown after login
Wrong user information is shown after login. How can I prevent this behavior?
XPath query returns duplicate entry
Some XPath query returns duplicate entry. here is an example of such query //element(*,jmix:editorialContent) Is there a way to get unique nodes?
AccessControlException: Unknown privilege
Some parts of the UI are not working and the logs contain this type of line: Unknown privilege {}publication-start...
Business rules not registered
Business rules provided in a module are not taken into account. The behaviour was also noted as inconsistent, as occassionaly after restarts, the rules...
Cannot start server due to lock issue
On startup of server, error similar to the following is being thrown: org.springframework.web.context.ContextLoader: Context initialization failed org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException:...
Category removed, but references still exists
When you remove a Category and not the references (when you continue after the warning that references exists), you could run into ItemNotFoundExceptions...
CKEditor configuration cache issue
The customer wanted to restrict the color button list via the CKEditor as below: config.colorButton_colors = 'EC022A, 007998'; But there is no effect when...
CKEditor custom config is loaded only the second time
The CKEditor config is loaded only the second time.
CK Editor strip empty tags
The rich text editor removes tags with an empty value. For instance, if I want to display such FontAwesome icon then when...
Cleaning of orphan and unused versions
Our contributors are reporting slowness when modifying content and our system administratators have reported an high size of the table JR_V_BUNDLE. What...
Connection error on Jahia Store
When accessing the Module menu, the following error occurs: 2016-08-18 15:38:25,436: ERROR [HttpClientService] - Unable to get the content of the URL:...
ConstraintViolationException during import
The import of a site failed with the following exception: javax.jcr.nodetype.ConstraintViolationException: /sites/portail/accueil/header-top-right/button-link/style:...
Couldn't find the template associated with site system site
The access to the site was broken due to this error: 2016-09-22 11:50:09,376: ERROR [WebContainer : 2] Error...
Create a link to another page
The customer has created a page "page1", with two links pointing to two other pages. When copying page1 and the two pages under a parent page, the links,...
Create my own rule consequence service class
The Jahia pre-built rule consequence to execute an action on a node does not work with Publication but only with AddNode or deleteNode. Example: when A...
Cron Job not running on authoring node
Cron job was noticed to be running on live node instead of authoring node
DB allocation is to small
contrib => select * from jr_v_bundle order by node_id_hi , node_id_lo limit 1 offset 4123 ; ERROR: invalid memory alloc request size 8589934587  
Domain name and SEO
The site needs to be accessed thanks to url and the SEO has to activated
Duplicate vanity URLs
On edit mode, when I copy a page with a vanity URL, then I go tho this page, and then on preview, Jahia switch to the original page, not the copy.
Embed a jar in a module
Customer embedded a jar in jahia module and run into a problem.
Error after updating module groupID
When deploying a newer version of a module, Jahia throws following error 2020-05-08 12:54:13,216: ERROR [fileinstall-\digital-factory-data\modules] org.jahia.osgi.BundleUtils:...
Error moving config file when upgrading Jahia
    When upgrading a Jahia version, the upgrade fails with the following error if there are config files (*.cfg) under 'JAHIA_INSTALL/digitall-factory-data/modules'...
Errors on startup of jahia
Error: internal error: failed to read custom node type definitions stored in /nodetypes/custom_nodetypes.xml  
Error when accessing the cluster tool
Here is the exception: Error during servlet servicing. Error message: JGroupsReplication:type=protocol,cluster="ehcache-jahia",protocol=GMS...
Error when publishing
Following exception when publishing content javax.jcr.nodetype.ConstraintViolationException: no matching property definition found for {}fontSize
Error while creating a UserGroupProvider
While writing a UserGroupProvider, adding String values to j:publicProperties generate the following error: java.lang.ClassCastException: [Ljava.lang.String;...
ESIgate does not rewrite the URLs
ESIGate was not rewriting the navigation links of the external apps integrated into Jahia.
Generation of JWT token - permission denied
To generate a JWT token you need to follow these instructions: Setting up authorization After setting up the configuration files you enter the proper settings...
How to allow a custom script expression
Following the upgrade to JCustomer/Unomi 1.4.4, my custom rules using a scripting expression does not seem to work anymore. For example, script::profile.itemId...
How to configure the browser cache
The customer would like to change the cache settings which is set to 1 month by default in the last-urlrewrite.xml file of the ROOT/WEB-INF/lib/jahia-impl-
How to display metadata in the header of the page
After adding values for the metadata "description" and "keywords", the customer would expect to see these values in the meta names tag of the header of...
How to embed a jar in a module?
After updating a module Jahia not able to resolve the classpath at runtime,   java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/mycompany/ums/security/CanadaUserService
How to get the content of an absolute area
The customer would like to get the content of an absolute area in order to display this content in another place on the site. For that, the customer has...
How to override a file name in the properties file?
In edit mode, a custom component shows all views from inherited parents. This makes difficult for the editors to discriminate which view is directly related...
How to use a collapsible component
The customer would like to know if Jahia can provide a collapsible component.
Import needs more hours and is not finished
The import hangs, seems in ItemSave operations in JCR
Includes working in 6.6 no more working in 7.X
In a templateSet, a previous include of a JSP, which was working in 6.6, is no more working while migrating the module in 7.X
Inconsistent context in case of displaying a referenced node
The main issue is that the context of the referenced node is the context of the node where it was created. The issue has been reproduced as below: Creation...
Indexation warning during Jahia upgrade
During upgrade of Jahia, following warning is thrown: WARNING: larger than 1073741824 index size, please contact Jahia for proper index migration procedure...
Invalid namespace error when deploying module
Module deployment fails with the following error: ERROR [FelixDispatchQueue] Invalid namespace declaration...
Invalid version number: Version number may be negative or greater than 255
After a restart, Jahia does not start anymore and the log contain the following error message: Invalid version number: Version number may be negative or...
IP address for Jahia Server is not authorized by license.
After installing a new license for a specific IP address, the check of this license failed with this error :   org.jahia.exceptions.JahiaException: User...
Issue with the usage of Maven
First issue: Access to the Studio is not enabled due to this error maven is not correctly configured, the studio is disabled   Second issue: After creating...
Item does not exist anymore
The customer has created a Groovy script to remove the nodes marked as jmix:markedForDeletion or jmix:markedForDeletionRoot The script failed with this...
Jahia and entropy
When a node is added in the JCR, a random UUID is generated. This randomness is usually generated by the operating system but it can be not efficient to...
Jahia Tags truncate the words in the cloud tags
The customer has upgraded to DX 7.1.2 and the module Jahia Tags seems now truncate the words in the cloud tags. By defaults, the size of the div in this...
java.lang.IllegalStateException: No WebApplicationContext found: initializer not registered?
The exception java.lang.IllegalStateException: No WebApplicationContext found: initializer not registered? is recurrent in the Jahia.log file (every 20...
java.lang.RuntimeException: wrong class format
After migrating from Jahia to DIgital Factory, the following exception was thrown at the server startup: 2016-08-23 15:18:54,955: ERROR...
javax.persistence.NonUniqueResultException: result returns more than one elements
The end of the publication process fails with this exception: Cause level : 0 (level 0 is the most precise exception) javax.persistence.NonUniqueResultException:...
jExperience and GeoLocation
The visitors of a website using jExperience needs to be geolocated thanks to their IP.
jExperience not starting after an upgrade
After upgrading jExperience from 1.11.0 to 1.11.3, we can see such messages in the logs:  2020-12-07 18:13:15,091: ERROR [configadmin] - Cannot use configuration...
JGroups replication issue
The following exception  is thrown when a cluster of two nodes is created on the same virtual host with DX 7.1.1 "
JVM performances
Jahia is showing slowness randomly
LDAP provider is stopped periodically
The customer has noticed that the LDAP provider is stopped periodically and users are not able to get in the site.
LDAP read timeout
LDAP connection is throwing an LDAP read timeout
Logs from a customer module doesn't appear in the log file
In an custom action in a custom module are some logs added. But this logs never appear. The action is running well (or with error). But no log is visible.
Modules page no more accessible after module deployment
A new module was deployed in administration (or OSGI console) --> modules, after that, the modules page was not accessible.
Moving definitions
After moving definitions to a new module, definitions are always referenced to the older module.
No matching version found for @jahia/search-ui-jahia-connector
We build an Augmented Search custom search UI for our project, and we have a missing dependency to build it. Our custom UI (equivalent of 'augmented-search-ui'...
No render set for node vanityUrlMapping
The following technical message is displayed as a content of a page site: no render set for node : vanityUrlMapping for types : [jnt:vanityUrls]
Not enough space for object heap
Cannot start Jahia on 32 bit Windows 7. Command prompt exits instantly on startup.  Error: Could not reserver enough space for object heap
NullPointerException after migrating a module to Jahia 8
After migrating a module to Jahia 8. A NullPointerException is being thrown when accessing some functions. An example stacktrace is as below: 2020-06-15...
NullPointerException during upgrade
Not able to upgrade Jahia. Here is the error when applying fix java.lang.NullPointerException at java.util.TreeMap.getEntry(Unknown Source) at java.util.TreeMap.containsKey(Unknown...
OSGi cache flush does not reinstall modules
After flushing of bundles-deployed folder and restarting the server, modules do not get installed.
Processing node has no digital-factory-config folder
The installation of the processing node seems working but the folder /opt/DigitalExperienceManager/digital-factory-config was not created.
Publication state of the current page not updated
At the end of publication job, the page is not refreshed and the publication state on the top-right corner is not refreshed.
Repository error when starting Jahia
Repository error when starting Jahia   javax.jcr.RepositoryException: internal error: failed to read custom node type definitions Stored in /nodetypes/custom_nodetypes.xml...
Some pages are not displayed in Live
Some pages are displayed in Live and the access returns an errorHTTP 400.
SSL communication
HTTP requests from Jahia to en external system with HTTPS fail
Table jahia_qrtz_job_details is full
The below message could be displayed when the publication is no longer possible: Cannot Publish ... Cause: Could not store job: The table "jahia_qrtz_job_details"...
The publish in all languages not present in contribute mode
The publish in all languages is a feature not present by default in contribute mode. Actually, this option is not enabled by default in the Publication...
The rule action of "a node is moved" is receiving null locale
executeActionNow works in different JCR session depending on the node move context:  Drag&Drop -> JCR session contains the locale  Cut&Paste -> System...
Thumbnail creation is not working for a specific jpg
For a specific jpg the thumbnail creation don't work
Translate UI in more languages
When you need a new standard language, for instance, dutch, it is not enough to translate the JahiaInternalResources.
Unable to install a module after migrating to Jahia 8
After migrating to Jahia 8, a customer module failed to install with the following error message: Installation failed for bundles [file [/jahia/tomcat/temp/module-10807983150622700731.jar]]...
Unable to persist bundle from resource error
The logs show errors with bundle persistence, this might happen especially after an upgrade. Below is an example log entry: ERROR [ModuleUtils] - Unable...
Unable to start Jahia due to index corruption
Unable to start Jahia with an error similar to the below: 2019-11-13 11:45:58,111: ERROR [localhost-startStop-1] org.apache.jackrabbit.core.RepositoryImpl:...
Unable to unlock nodes
In some cases, it may happen that some nodes appear to be locked but when clicking the unlock Node/Tree, an error is returned that the nodes are already...
Updates on definitons.cnd not visibles
The customer has renamed some node types in his definitons.cnd file. However, the original node types are still available in Edit mode. These nodes are...
Upgrade fails (build number does not match)
Upgrade fails with ERROR: detected installed build number does not match fix build number!
URL rewrite rule not registered
On a clustered environment, after module deployment, content is not delivered on one server
Usage of the digital-factory-data/patches/groovy folder
In order to industrialize the usage of groovy scripts, the customer would like to know if the usage of the digital-factory-data/patches/groovy folder is...
Use a custom PostgreSQL schema
Jahia has to be installed in a different schema than the default one public
Use of default value for a protected property
When the definition of a node has a protected property with a default value, this value is not displayed in the JCR.
User cannot login with
You cannot login with a site user (user has correct permissions) on WelcomeServlet
User was authenticated but not found in database
The customer was often seeing this kind of error in the logs : 2016-06-27 12:39:22,815: ERROR [JcrSessionFilter] - Error while authorizing user org.jahia.pipelines.PipelineException:...
Wrong publication state icon is shown for unpublished content
A rule unpublish some content, but in manager the modified icon instead the unpublished icon is shown.