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Configuration Mail Server in Jahia


How to configure mail server in Jahia administration URL field?



How can I configure a mail server in Jahia 6.5/6.6 and Jahia 7.x?

The e-mail server configuration is available in the {code}Jahia Administration --> Server Settings --> E-mail settings{code}

Description of input fields

  1. Mail server: field contains the SMTP hostname, optionally with advanced options.
    Jahia uses now Apache Camel framework for messaging and the format of the mail endpoint should conform to the one, required by Camel Mail Component ( ), i.e.:
    All parts except host are optional. See use cases below.
  2. Mail administrator: field contains a single e-mail address or multiple addresses, separated by a comma, of users, who will receive system-level notifications (e.g. about errors, if this option is enabled)
  3. Mail from: the default sender e-mail address for an e-mail message

Use cases

Here are several use cases for "Mail server" field values:

  1. SMTP server does not require authentication and uses standard port 25:
  2. SMTP server requires authentication and uses non-standard port 11019:
  3. GMail example: SMTP server requires authentication and SSL enabled (or TLS):
    Warning: due to improved security measures at Google, you will either have to enable less secure app access ([]) on the account if you are not using 2-step verification.
    If you are using 2-step verification you will need to set up an app-specific password here : []
  4. Enabling mail server debugging option to see the details of e-mail server communication: