admin permissions roles Jahia 7.3

How to access the site settings without a site-administrator role?


How to allow a user to run an action in the site settings without adding a site-administrator role?


First of all, a new role has to be created.

This role should have all permissions of a contributor role plus the permission to access the action in the site settings. Here is the procedure to create this role:

  1. Administration Mode Users and Roles Roles and Permissions : Select Site Role, and name the role (ie: "contributeur-plus") and button Add role.
  2. In the Site Role list, open the contributeur-plus role, select the Site administration tab and enable the action.
  3. For the other tabs, you have to enable the same options than the contributor role.
  4. Click on the Save Button to save this new role.
  5. Edition Mode Site Settings Site Role : Add the users and/or the groups who could have the contributeur-plus role

Secondly, the URL of the action attribute of the action form should point to the current site and not to the current node. This is needed if you got this warning when trying to access your action with a user having the contributeur-plus role in the site settings:

WARN [ErrorLoggingFilter] - [Error code: 403]: Access denied for resource: /cms/editframe/default/fr/modules/bope-design/164.1.0-SNAPSHOT/templates/site-s...

Here is an example

<form id="updateSiteForm" action="<c:url value='${url.base}${renderContext.mainResource.node.resolveSite.path}'/>"