security Jahia 7.3

How to change the Jahia Tools password?


How to encrypt the Jahia Tools password?


To encrypt the Jahia Tools password, the [Jahia]/<digitgal-factory-config>/jahia/ has to be updated.

Here is the procedure:

  • Generate the encrypted password:
    • Go to: http:/[server:port]/tools
    • Click on: Password encryption
    • Enter the new password
    • Choose "Strong"
    • Copy the encrypted password
  • Updating the [Jahia]/<digitgal-factory-config>/jahia/ file:
    • Look for the jahiaToolManagerPassword property
    • Replace the existing value with the encrypted password you have previously copied.
  • Restart Jahia and test the access to the Jahia Tools with the new password.

The whole details in our wiki:​