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How to deactivate a rule? For example, the one creating thumbnails upon image upload?


The only solution for you is to:

  • temporarily:
    • Go to JAHIA_URL/modules/tools/rules.jsp
    • Deactivate the rule you want
  • permanently:
    • In order to disable some rules permanently, a configuration entry can be added into jahia.properties or jahia.custom.properties file in the following format:
    • The workspace part is optional. For example, the following configuration:
                  jahia.rules.disabledConfig="org.jahia.modules.rules"."Image update","live"."org.jahia.modules.dm.thumbnails"."Automatically generate thumbnail for the document"
      • will disable rule "Image update" (from package org.jahia.modules.rules) in rules for all workspaces (live and default)
      • and the rule "Automatically generate thumbnail for the document" (package org.jahia.modules.dm.thumbnails) will be disabled in rules for live workspace only.

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