Written by The Jahia Team
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How to restore a production environment to an existing pre-production one?


The main procedure is described in our documentation at https://academy.jahia.com/documentation/digital-experience-manager/7.1/technical/configuration-and-fine-tuning/faq

However and as the pre-production environment already exists, some precautions have to be followed:

  1. The digital-factory-config folder has not to be copied as the pre-production contains a file jahia.node.properties and possibly other personalized properties files.
  2. If binaries are stored in the file system in the production environment, the following chapter must be checked:
    Restore the binaries stored on the filesystem
  3. If you got this warning when starting nodes:
    2016-10-11 09:42:39,295: WARN [TCP] - JGRP000032: null: no physical address for e3b8cb20-10d5-a453-c823-e63a55a1bc48, dro
    The table JGROUPSPING must be deleted: DELETE FROM JGROUPSPING
  4. The tomcat/temp and the tomcat/work folders must be flushed in the pre-production environment.