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How to upload files through the file system?


Is there an external solution (on file system) to upload PDF files rather than copy them in the JCR repositories?


The creation of a VFS mount point is the adequate solution:
Administration > System components > Mount points.

Beforehand, a folder has to be created in one of the file systems that Jahia can access (D:/pdf-files for instance).

The VFS mount point is created as below:

You have to check that you can access this folder in the Repository Explorer :
Managers > Repository Explorer > root > mounts > pdf-files : you should see the list of your PDF files.

Finally, you check you can access and upload these PDF files from the Document Manager :
Managers > Document Manager > External Repositories > mounts > pdf-files : you should see the list of the PDF files and with a right-click on "pdf-files", you can upload new files.