bootstrap collapsible lists Jahia 7.3 Jahia 8

How to use a collapsible component


The customer would like to know if Jahia can provide a collapsible component.


Using this kind of component should permit to limit the display of long content.


The "Bootstrap Collapsable List" component of the "Jahia Bootstrap" is the solution.

Here is the process to use it:

  1. In your site, you include the Jahia Bootstrap module
  2. In Edit mode, you select the Bootstrap Collapsable List component in the Layout Components list.
  3. You select the content list component and you give it a title: Test (for instance). This will create a content type List
  4. In this List, you add a Bootstrap Rich text and you add some text: TEST TEST (for instance).
  5. You then go into Preview mode, then you click on the "Test" link to show and to hide the "TEST TEST" text.