Written by Florent Bourass√© (Customer Support team)
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The state of a new module is not being replicated across the cluster


  1. On the node(s) where the state is not being replicated, go to the OSGI console (DX_URL/tools/osgi/console/bundles)
  2. Look for the state of the bundle org.jahia.bundles.clustering: if it's in the state Active, please contact the Customer Support team on https://support.jahia.com. Otherwise, follow the next steps.
  3. For each problematic node, go to the filesystem and look for the file digraph.json below DX_HOME/digital-factory-data/bundles-deployed:
    1. Check it's empty:
      1. If not, please contact the Customer Support team.
      2. If yes, it might mean you do not have any available space on your drive or that this problem occurred before.
      3. On a node being "ok", retrieve the content of the file digraph.json then on the problematic node, stop Jahia, replace the file and start Jahia

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