Jahia 7.3 Jahia 8

Restore module states


How can I force reinstallation of all bundles ?


This procedure is only available starting from DX
  • Stop Jahia
  • Remove the bundles-deployed folder content
  • In the digital-factory-data folder, create a marker file named [persisted-bundles].dorestore ([persisted-bundles] is not a placeholder, it is the actual name to use for the marker file)
  • Restart Jahia


What it does ?

  • It deploys the modules and restore their state as they have saved in the JCR

When to use it ?

  • When there's an inconsistency in modules, or unexpected error that could be solved by redploying all modules.

What is the difference with a simple flush of bundles-deployed ?

  • Compared to a simple flush of bundles-deployed, it will restore the modules in the state they were before server restart. Without the marker file, all modules will be started.