contribute publication Jahia 7.3

The publish in all languages not present in contribute mode


The publish in all languages is a feature not present by default in contribute mode.
Actually, this option is not enabled by default in the Publication Manager and in the content contextual menu as well in contribute mode.


This option is not visible as the contributors normally do not have to have access to this option.


This is possible to enable this option by adding the following Spring bean definition in the applicationcontext-custom.xml file:


<bean class="">
    <property name="titleKey" value="label.publication"/>
    <!-- <property name="icon" value="publicationAction"/> -->
    <property name="items">
            <ref bean="Toolbar.Item.PublishOne"/>
            <ref bean="Toolbar.Item.PublishInAllLanguages"/>
            <ref bean="Toolbar.Item.PublishAll"/>
            <ref bean="Toolbar.Item.PublishAllInAllLanguages"/>
            <ref bean="Toolbar.Item.PublishSite"/>
            <ref bean="Toolbar.Item.PublishSiteInAllLanguages"/>
            <ref bean="Toolbar.Item.Unpublish"/>
            <ref bean="Toolbar.Item.ViewPublishStatus"/>
            <ref bean="Toolbar.Item.PublicationManager"/>