Online Training

This free training provides you with a functional overview of Jahia, introduces developer basics, and shows how to develop templates. The training usually takes 2 days to complete.

Note: This training is prerequisite for the Advanced and Expert curriculums.

Edit mode overview

Discover the basics of Jahia Edit mode in this short video tutorial

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Previewing and publishing

Learn how to preview and publish content using Jahia in this video tutorial

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List ordering

Discover how to sort lists manually or automatically in DX in this short video tutorial

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Understanding roles

Learn about the roles defined in Jahia for users and groups in this video tutorial

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Adding and editing components

Discover how to edit, add and delete page components in Jahia Edit mode in this video tutorial

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Understanding linked components

Learn how to add linked components such as maps and comments in Jahia in this tutorial

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Site administration

Take a tour of site administration functions for web projects in this tutorial video 

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Server admin configuration

Learn about basic configuration function in this tutorial.

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Managing modules

Learn about Jahia modules and how to install them from the public and private App Stores

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Basic developer training

This presentation will allow you to start developing simple and custom Jahia modules using the Jahia Studio.

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Once you are done with the training, you can test your newly acquired knowledge

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Developing templates

This presentation explains Jahia basic's concepts and the advanced tools you use to create and use templates

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