About Augmented Search UI

November 14, 2023

At its core, Augmented-Search is a GraphQL API that can be called by a diverse set of front-end (or back-end) technologies to build a search experience.

Elastic Search-UI and Jahia Search-UI Connector

Elastic, the company behind Elasticsearch (which is the data store used by Augmented-Search) maintains a repository of UI elements to accelerate the building of search interfaces, or in their own words: "...for the fast development of modern, engaging search experiences.".

Alongside those components, Elastic built connectors to interface with their own products (app-search and site-search). Fairly early on in the project we decided that the best approach to avoid reinventing the wheel and to implement our own connector. The Jahia connector, built similarly to Elastic's own, provides the interface between Elastic search-ui and Jahia GraphQL API.

If you want to integrate with search-ui components, but don't want to start from our Augmented-Search sample UI, you can simply integrate search-ui-jahia-connector in your project (don't hesitate to look at how we did it for our sample UI) and start using search-ui components.

Augmented Search sample UI

As mentioned earlier, our sample UI was built as a convenient codebase to get started quickly with Augmented-Search, but it will need to be customized to your needs, both from a functional and a design standpoint. Our objective while developing and maintaining this sample module is to focus on functionality. Minimal effort was spent on styling as each site is different.