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How to deactivate cluster synchronization of configuration files?


How can I deactivate the cluster synchronisation of configuration files? So that I can use different configurations on my cluster nodes.


Procedure to deactivate the synchronisation of configuration files in cluster:

  1. Start all the cluster nodes if the cluster is stopped, procedure is done on a started Cluster.
  2. On one node only:
    1. edit /digital-factory-data/karaf/etc/org.apache.karaf.cellar.groups.cfg
    2. set default.config.sync to disabled (default.config.sync = cluster)
    3. wait for the modification to be effective (a log is displayed when it's done)
  3. On all cluster nodes: (repeat step 3 on all cluster nodes)
    1. go to /digital-factory-data/karaf/etc
    2. use the cmd touch on all the config files that use factories (config file that contains a "-" separator in the last part, like: org.jahia.modules.graphql.provider-default.cfg)

Now all configuration will be local to the Jahia nodes, and configuration synchronisation is completely disabled.