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Is there a clean-up process for Journal entries in database for a Jahia cluster? Can I change the time and frequency of such process?


I have many entries in JR_J_JOURNAL table in my Jahia database and I want to know if a clean-up process is running for my instance.

Also I want to specify a custom time and frequency for the clean-up job to run.


Jahia adds by default a Janitor process running daily at 00:00 to clean-up the cluster Journal entries in JR_J_JOURNAL table.

To change the configurations of the job please open the file <WEB_APPLICATION_PATH>/WEB-INF/etc/repository/jackrabbit/repository.xml and check the following configuration:

<Cluster id="${cluster.node.serverId}">
  <Journal class="">
    <param name="dataSourceName" value="jahiaDS" />
    <param name="revision" value="${rep.home}/revisionNode" />
    <param name="janitorEnabled" value="true" />
    <param name="schemaObjectPrefix" value="jr_j_" />
    <param name="schemaCheckEnabled" value="false" />
    <-- sleep time in seconds (default is 24 hours) -->
    <-- <param name="janitorSleep" value="86400"> -->
    <-- specifies the hour the clean-up task initiates (default = 3, which means 3:00 at night) -->
    <-- <param name="janitorFirstRunHourOfDay" value="1"/> -->

The official jackrabbit configuration can be found here.