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Users logging using an Oauth connector are not properly registered in the right jExperience profile. How can I fix that?


I have a solution using a custom connector for Jahia Oauth modules.

When a user logs into Jahia using the default method, everything works fine and the proper profile in jExperience is used to register its actions.

But when the same user logs in using our Oauth connector, jExperience doesn't recognize the profile. I used this article to verify the events send to unomi and noticed that there's no login event when the user logs in using the connector.

Is there a way to guarantee that jExperience recognizes the proper profile?


Yes, you can map the right profile to jExperience using the module jExperience Authentication data mapper.

Then, you can map a field from your connector to jExperience, this way it will be able to link the profile connected from the connector to jExperience and merge the profiles.

Please attempt to this article for more information. Also relevant information can be found here.