Jahia 8 for the community


Community use of Jahia

With Jahia 8 changes have been made to simplify software distribution and ease transition between distributions.  Most notably,  the Community Edition will be distributed as an SDK package only and the Enterprise Edition will be made available to everyone with a free, renewable license. 

Using the Enterprise Edition with the free license, you have the flexiblity to extend the footprint of your deployments or take advantage of Jahia Enterprise features through a simple license conversion, without the need to migrate content and configurations. Fix appliers will be released exclusively for the Enterprise Edition and available for all license types.

Jahia’s Free license includes

  • 1 year of on-premise use for 1 server, renewable
  • 1 site created
  • 25 concurrent authenticated visitors
  • 3 concurrent editors
  • Use of community modules and functionality only

Licenses cannot be used on multiple servers

How it works

  1. Visit the Downloads page
  2. Login or register
  3. Download the selected package. It comes with a 30-day trial license.
  4. Before the 30 day license expires, visit id.jahia.com/licenses to request your free license

If you just want to evaluate Jahia, we recommend you to try it online!

Comparison of Community SDK and Enterprise Distributions


Community SDK

Enterprise Distribution - Free license

Enterprise Distribution

License GPLv3 Business Friendly (JSEL) Business Friendly (JSEL)
Source code

Jahia capabilities

  • Content editing
  • Digital asset management
  • Multi-language management
  • Search
  • Digital portal building
  • Engagement
  • Web marketing
  • Ouf-of-the-box mobile readiness and advanced multi-channels features

Developer Tools

  • Jahia Studio: Exclusive User Experience Builder
  • Integrated Development Tools (available from version 7)
Production use  
Roles and advanced workflows  


Digital industrialization tools 

  • Private Apps stores (available from version 7)
  • User directories and SSO
Unlimited bugfixes    
Patch and maintenance releases  
Upgrade packages  
Online technical assistance with SLA:
  • Ticket submission on a dedicated web support space
  • Phone/SSH support available
  • SLA: 1 business day acknowledgement and 1 business day hands-on

5 hours per JVM inc.

24/5, 24/7 SLA for production environment 


Advanced stacks IBM, Oracle and Microsoft environments