Why A Rebrand?

It’s possible you already know Jahia as a world-leading editor of a WCM (Web Content Management system), or CMS. But perhaps you don’t. Perhaps you ended up on this page while looking for documentation because you need to update your website. Maybe you know that you can use our tools to personalize the content you provide to your site visitors to improve their experience. Or maybe you don’t, the reason you came to this page is completely unrelated, and the name “Jahia” sounds familiar but you can’t quite place why.


At Jahia, we are building more than just a CMS. We are building a Digital Experience Platform. One with CMS capabilities, which we plan to continue to build and grow with new capabilities.

You might be wondering what we mean by “Digital Experience Platform.” Well, a Digital Experience Platform, or DXP, is basically a software platform that allows you to manage and optimize the experience you provide to your audiences, across all digital touchpoints. When using our platform, you can deliver a classic web experience with personalized content (and do optimization tests) or you can use our headless capabilities to provide personalized experiences direct to your apps.

This rebrand touches upon every aspect of how you can build the solution that is right for you. By rebranding every piece of our platform to be descriptive of their unique and differentiated functionalities, Jahia's platform is now as simple to understand as it is to use! 



Digital Experience Manager is now Jahia

Easy enough, right? Our customers call it Jahia, we call it Jahia - it just made sense. Jahia is the backbone of your digital experience and is the platform upon which all of our other technologies build upon. When we think of what defines us as a company - our flagship, if you will - our Digital Experience Platform was the clear choice. So now you can download Jahia, install Jahia, use Jahia and, we hope, love Jahia.

Welcome to jContent!

jContent is our new name for Jahia’s CMS capabilities. It encompasses the Edit mode, Contribute mode, and Content and Media Manager under a single identifier. It will not change anything in regards to how you use our product: in fact, as a user, you might not even notice the difference!

Form Factory is now Forms

Forms are forms, right? Even with Form Factory’s in-depth capabilities, we saw an opportunity to be simpler. So...we did. 


Marketing Factory is now jExperience

Gathering site metrics, optimizing pages, providing personalized content to better address your visitors… All of this focuses around improving the experience of your audience. With Jahia now the name of our base platform, it only made sense to have Marketing Factory follow suit with a simpler, easier-to-understand name. Thus, jExperience was born!



Have you heard of Unomi, the  open source Apache Customer Data Platform (CDP)? Jahia originally developed it, providing Unomi for free to the Apache Foundation. Since then, it has become a top-level Apache project that we have continued to contribute to and grow.  With jCustomer, we’ve added enterprise support and Jahia connectivity to Apache Unomi’s open-source foundation, giving you the best of both worlds.