Introduction to Key Concepts

February 2, 2022

Jahia Studio Overview

The Jahia Studio is a module development environment with 3 main areas: the toolbar, the selector, and the workspace.


For each module managed on the platform, the Studio enables developers to access:

  • Source code
  • HTML templates
  • Default module content
  • Dependencies between modules


By default, the Studio displays the list of modules for which sources are available.

  • The drop-down menu in the Selector loads the sources for the selected module.
  • The details button displays detailed information about the module.




  • Mode: Switch to Edit Mode or Administration.
  • Module list: List of modules for which sources are present on the server.
  • Module details: Detailed information about the module the user is currently working on.
  • New: Create New Module or retrieve module sources from a repository.
  • Managers: Available managers.
  • Cache: Option to flush server cache.
  • Logged as [user]: Return to Dashboard or Logout

File System

The file system in Jahia Studio is represented as tree containing all template elements:


Template Designer

This tab is used for creating and editing templates. The Designer can use two different modes for display:

  1. Structure Mode: Provides a wireframe view of the template.


  1. In-context Mode: Renders a preview of the template with CSS and JavaScript.

Both the Structure and In-context modes share the "Structure Browser" on the left-hand side of the window.