End user docs

Learn how to use Jahia, jExperience, and Forms and manage settings for your sites in Jahia

Versions: Jahia 8.0 | Jahia 7.3 | Legacy

System administrator docs Developer docs

Managing your profile and workspace

Change your password, edit your profile, use your workspace to quickly access your projects, and customize Home page documentation links

Administering your sites

Shows site administrators how to manage settings, such as language or user management for your sites

Optional features

Learn how to use Siteimprove to correct issues with your sites, Augmented Search for a superior search experience, and GlobalLink to handle translations with Translations.com

About jExperience

Get familiar with jExperience by learning key concepts, how to create conditions, integrate with external systems, and use Jahia Google Analytics and Google Analytics for jExperience.

Using jExperience in Page Composer

Learn all you need to know about working in Page Composer, where you can create personalizations, AB tests, and more.