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Knowledge base

Here is the access to the knowledge base maintained by the Support team. Data published here does not replace the documentation of this website but enriches it. Please take the time to test any answers on a development platform first.




Class usage from another module in a view (jsp)
How I can use a class, from another module, in a jsp (a view in another module)?
ClassCastException in a module with drools rule after deployment
When you deploy a new version of a module, which contains a java class for the drools rule service, it could happen that you get a ClassCastException like:...
ClassNotFoundException when redeploying a bundle with Job
When redeploying a bundle that has a quartz job, I get following exception. However, it seems that the Job works on restart. What is wrong? 2019-02-26...
ClassNotFoundException when using OSGI bootdelegation
When you use an JavaAgent (like AppDyn, PlumbR, ...) it is necessary to modify theĀ org.osgi.framework.bootdelegation config to prevent ClassNotFoundException....
Clean workflow tasks
The Jahia interface is telling me there are workflow tasks to achieve but when checking, no task is visible.
Cleaning of orphan and unused versions
Our contributors are reporting slowness when modifying content and our system administratators have reported an high size of the table JR_V_BUNDLE. What...
Common reasons for getting 404 errors
Error 404 or page not found error often occurs when there is an issue with finding the requested resource. Here are some of the common reasons and solutions...
Component icon not used
For my custom component, I want to show the icon. I placed the icons in the /resources/assets/icons folder, but I am not seeing them. Let me know if I...
Configuration Mail Server in Jahia
How to configure mail server in Jahia administration URL field?
Connection closed without indication (Code: 150) when trying to export jCustomers profiles on a FTP
When trying to export profiles on my FTP I get the following error: 2021-07-15T13:53:24,280 | WARN | Camel (camel-1) thread #24 - timer://collectProfile...