Forms modules

March 6, 2023
 This summary table describes the modules that are part of the Forms solution package. 


Module Name Description Required
Forms This package includes specific Forms modules including forms-core.
forms-core This is the core module for running Forms on a Jahia server.
forms-nocss-theme This module defines views for all Forms inputs without any css class.  
forms-snippets-extension This is the snippets extension module for Forms running on a Jahia server.  
forms-extended-inputs This module provides new inputs for Forms. The Checkbox with images input uses images for checkboxes with checkbox and icon overlay to give feedback to the user. The Accept Terms input allows you to have your submitter read a file and accept the conditions before submitting. The Content Display input allows you to add rich text inside your forms (HTML/images) using a WYSIWYG editor (CKEditor).  
forms-prefill This module provides prefilling of Forms fields from a user profile or its geolocation.  
jexperience-forms-bridge jExperience Forms bridge enables you to use jExperience profiles to build smarter forms. You can store form values in profiles, prefill form elements, set them to read-only or hide them, with a few clicks.  
forms-elasticsearch-storage Enables storing of form submissions in Elasticsearch