Jahia Cloud FAQs

November 14, 2023

How can I get started?

Get it touch with us and we can get you started on Jahia products in a matter of minutes. Then you can access demo platforms and tell us what you think.

We have online Jahia training and presales staff that can help you decide if Jahia has the right ecosystem for you. We can also help you build a proof of concept. Once you are happy, your demo platform can be turned into a production one.

We also love working with our partners and can assign you a partner account.

Can I try Jahia Cloud for free?

Yes! We have a 30-day free account for you to create websites and try all our products without limitation. Free accounts can be turned into paid ones by your account manager. Don't hesitate to reach out to us.

I am already a Jahia client. How can I migrate to the cloud?

Jahia Cloud supports Jahia versions 8.0.3 and higher. You can migrate sites using Jahia's built-in import/export feature, provided you are running the supported version. Otherwise, we can help you migrate your instance and then to the Cloud. We can also explore other options with you, such as a database import for very large websites.

How do I manage my environments?

We work hard to live by our "Make Digital Simpler" motto. Jahia Cloud is a simple yet powerful web application that you can use to manage your Jahia environments. From creating, upgrading, and backing up your environment, to scaling, configuring and copying your environment, you can manage your platforms without technical skills.

What is the upgrade policy?

You choose when to update your platform. Jahia only requires that you upgrade when it is unavoidable, for example, to address a security issue or if your version becomes unsupported.

Platform upgrades are fully automated, can be performed without downtime, and you can trigger them yourself.

What Jahia products are supported in Jahia Cloud?

All of them, without limitation.

Are there limitations on the modules that I can deploy?

What you get is a fully dedicated software stack and no restrictions apply to the modules that you can deploy.

What type of environments can be hosted on Jahia Cloud?

From standalone Jahia instances for low-traffic sites to massive platforms with geo-data redundancy, big traffic and high SLAs, Jahia Cloud is built to accommodate your needs.

What is Jahia Cloud's hosting partner?

Jahia is proud to be an AWS partner for the worldwide hosting of its cloud offering.

Can I connect my platform to other SaaS products?

Yes! All our products are built to be extended and plugged into other software applications. Jahia Cloud is open and can be connected to other services.

Can I connect my platform to my on-premise products?

Yes! Connecting Jahia and jExperience to your own applications is a common use case that can be accommodated in the cloud.

Can I do headless CMS using Jahia Cloud?

Jahia is a hybrid CMS, meaning that it can be both used as a traditional CMS and a headless CMS, leaving the door open for requirement changes in your projects.

Whether you are building a Single Page Application (SPA) or a mobile application, you can use Jahia Cloud as a headless CMS. The front end application can either be hosted in our cloud or on any other Code as a Service or web application hosting platforms such as Netlify or Heroku.

What regions are supported?

Jahia Cloud is available in AWS North Virginia, Ireland and OVH France right now. All regions are eligible for development and production environments.

New regions will be progressively added in the future.

Can I host global websites?

Yes. Jahia comes with built-in content replication on remote platforms to make your sites available in multiple regions of the world.

In addition to having multiple data sources spread across the globe, Jahia Cloud leverages Amazon Cloudfront's very dense Content Delivery Network to reduce site latency and make scalability very easy. Cloudfront is delivered as an add-on.

What is the platform SLA?

Jahia Cloud has 99.9% availability with fully redundant services and data storage. More information about SLA calculation here

Is Jahia Cloud multi-tenant?

You get fully dedicated software stack: web servers, application servers and databases. Storage and networks are also fully dedicated.

Hardware is mutualized with over-provisioned capacity so you have room to scale.

Does Jahia Cloud support HTTPS?

Jahia Cloud only supports HTTPS.

What is the underlying technology?

Jahia Cloud is powered by AWS, Docker and Virtuozzo Container Orchestration technology. The Jahia Cloud website is powered by Jahia.