Jahia Cloud onboarding

November 14, 2023

Moving to the Cloud

Getting started with a new deployment

We can get you started in a matter of minutes by activating your free Jahia Cloud demo account. From there you can try Jahia products without limitation and start creating beautiful digital experiences or developing new features. When you are ready to become a Jahia client, your account manager will turn your demo account into a paid account and you can continue to work on the projects that you had started.

To make your move to the cloud easier, Jahia can provide you with:

  • Online or on-site training to help you get started on Jahia platforms and become a great Jahia contributor, developer or administrator.
  • Help with a proof of concept or guidance from our Solutions Architect teams.
  • Assistance in looking for a partner to help you implement your needs. Jahia has great partners all around the world and can put you in touch.

Migrating an on-premise solution

Migrating from on-premise to Jahia Cloud is very simple and can be performed using the built-in Jahia import feature or through a base-to-base data import. We can help you decide on the best option for you.

Planning a production deployment

Before opening your platform to visitors, there are a few steps that you need to consider. The goal is to make sure the platform will scale well without operations that might generate downtime.

Make sure backups and monitoring is activated

Environments can be configured in 'production' or 'development' at setup. The production configuration allows environments to be monitored by Datadog and activates the Backup service.

In case the platform you want to put live is configured as a development environment, you can copy it and make the new one a production platform.

Planning performance tests

Although Jahia Cloud is a highly elastic platform, many factors can negatively influence the overall performance of your environments, including:

  • Code quality
  • Configuration
  • Platform size

Like you, we prefer to discover issues before opening a platform the public. To that end, running performance tests against the production platform prior to its general availability is a best practice. We can even help you design and run these tests.