Jahia Cloud IP address ranges

March 14, 2024

We provide our up-to-date IP address ranges in JSON format, facilitating the identification of traffic from Jahia Cloud. Access the current ranges by downloading the .json file.

Note that new servers and new IPs may be added at any time during the year, and Jahia nodes are subject to being moved or added to these new servers. Therefore, it is your responsibility to regularly monitor this list and take action if there are any changes.

To keep track of changes, store successive versions of the .json file locally. To check if any alterations have occurred since the last save, compare the publication time in the current file with that of the previously saved file.


Download infrastructure.json. (Requires to be authenticated to Jahia Cloud) 



regions: This object represents different OVH or AWS regions.
aws-eu-west-1: This is the AWS region code for EU (Ireland) region.
hn33: This represents a hardware node within the AWS region.
type: An array indicating the type(s) of the hardware node. (It can either be a resolver or a hardware node)
ipv4: The IPv4 address associated with the hardware node.