Jahia 8.2.0 Release Notes

May 31, 2024

What's new?

Jahia 8.2.0 is a feature release which comes with noticeable improvements, changes in our supported stack, library updates, module updates & other modifications.

Despite the array of new features and changes, the Jahia team has invested significant effort to ensure that upgrading from 8.1 to 8.2 is as straightforward as it can be. The main new features being optional, it is possible to adopt them progressively over a few months, post-upgrade, at your own pace.

Main new features

Jahia 8.2 provides updates for two main features of our CMS:

  1. Page Builder, a new UI to manage content inside pages (in context editing).
  2. JavaScript Modules, a new set of technologies to build websites with Jahia, without any Java knowledge. JavaScript modules leverage React/ JSX, rendered server side. Everything you need to know about JavaScript modules is available in the developer documentation. If you're a developer, you can also try out our new tutorials.

The Jahia team understands that adopting these new features will impact your projects and organization. However, rest assured that existing alternatives will remain, affording you the flexibility to try and adopt new features progressively, according to your specific needs and timeline. System administrators & developers can enable or disable Page Builder & the old interface Page Composer.

Other significant UX changes

  • The Category Manager has been fully redeveloped to match our latest technology and UI standard.
  • Editing the site configuration (virtual site node) is now available from Administration ⇒ Sites ⇒ "Sites properties". This new page has been added for consistency, and it is impossible to edit the site configuration using right-click ⇒ edit from the new Page Builder.

jCustomer 2

For organizations using jExperience and jCustomer, note that Jahia 8.2 requires jCustomer 2.x and jExperience 3.x. If you’re using Jahia 8.1.x, we highly recommend migrating to jCustomer 2.x before updating to 8.2. All required information is available on the page upgrading to jCustomer 2.x.

Technical changes

Detailed information is available on the page Preparing for upgrading to Jahia 8.2. Here is an overview:

  • Our supported stack has been updated and is available in our customer center. A significant change is the addition of JDK 17 support and the drop of JDK 8 support. 
  • Library updates:  Jahia 8.2 includes many library updates to benefit from their latest security fixes.
  • Content types provided by Jahia: In the previous version of Jahia, many built-in content types were active by default when clicking “add content.” This caused some confusion for editors because there were too many types available. With Jahia 8.2, most of these content types were moved to a new  “legacy default content types” module. 
  • Content Editor 4 module merged into jContent: Jahia versions 8.0.x and 8.1.x include two modules: Content Editor and jContent. Starting from Jahia 8.2.0, these two modules will be merged into jContent, using version 3.0. This new version includes the functionalities of the Content Editor module as well as the new Page Builder.
  • JSON overrides: As part of the merge of Content Editor and jContent, JSON overrides, which allow modification of the edit form, have been simplified. Instead of two files, they now rely on a single JSON override file. This provides more flexibility when moving fields and fieldsets in the edition form. Previous JSON override files should still work, but full retro-compatibility is not guaranteed.
  • External Data Provider: Jahia 8.2 introduces new interfaces to declare EDP using OSGi more easily
  • Spring Framework & customizations done outside of modules: With Jahia 8.2, the use of Spring framework in modules is officially deprecated. In the same philosophy, Jahia is also deprecating customizations of the software done outside of modules. If some customizations cannot be achieved using modules or without Spring Framework, please raise the issue with our support team; and the product team will implement new extensions to allow you to use OSGI. Jahia is aware that these topics can have an important impact on your projects, which is why:
    • Spring Framework and non-modules customizations are still supported with 8.2 (deprecated, but supported).
    • No breaking change was added in 8.2 to enforce those policies.
  • Hibernate: Before 8.2, Jahia exposed its Hibernate library. Starting with Jahia 8.2, Hibernate will no longer be exposed, and using it directly won’t be possible. If you need to connect to databases, we recommend using your own JDBC driver and SQL or embed your own framework. In future versions of Jahia, we’ll either provide a library fully compatible with OSGi or document how to use your own. If this is an issue for you, you can contact our support team, which works closely with our product team.
  • The following modules have been moved out of the default build, moved to the Jahia store, and are not supported by Jahia anymore:
    • SDL generator - Note: Adding SDL files to your modules is still fully supported.
    • tabularList
    • grid
    • default-skins
  • The Skins module has been removed from the default build. It is still supported by Jahia and there is no plan to stop supporting this module.
  • Finally, portlets, which have been deprecated with Jahia 8.0.0, have now fully been removed from Jahia. 

The following modules were updated between Jahia and Jahia

The modules not included in the distribution have been released along with the Jahia 8.2.0 release and are not automatically updated when upgrading to 8.2.0, but can easily be updated from the administration.
Module Version in Jahia Version in Jahia
    Included in the distribution Not included in the distribution
App Shell 2.9.0 3.1.0  
Assets 8.0.0 8.1.0  
Bootstrap 3 Components 4.2.1 Removed N/A
Bootstrap 3 Core 4.2.1 Removed N/A
CKEditor 4.21.0-jahia8-5 4.21.0-jahia8-7  
Channels 8.0.0 Removed 8.1.0
Content Editor 3.6.0 Removed N/A
Content Retrieval 8.1.0 8.2.0  
Default 8.6.0 8.7.0  
Default skins 8.1.0 Removed 8.2.0
External Provider 4.6.0 4.7.0  
External Provider Modules 4.6.0 4.7.0  
External Provider VFS 4.6.0 4.7.0  
External Provider UI 4.6.0 Removed 4.7.0
External Provider Users and Groups 2.3.0 2.4.0  
Font Awesome 6.1.5 Removed N/A
Google Analytics 3.0.0 Removed N/A
Graphql Provider 2.19.1 3.0.0  
Grid 8.0.0 Removed 8.1.0
Jahia Administration 1.8.0 1.9.1  
Jahia Category Manager 1.3.0 Removed N/A
Jahia Clustering  
Jahia CSRF Guard 3.4.0 4.0.0  
Jahia Dashboard 1.8.0 1.9.0  
Jahia Dashboard Doc cards 1.2.0 1.3.0  
Jahia Developer Tools 1.0.0 1.1.0  
Jahia License Tools 3.0.0 3.1.0  
Jahia UI Root 1.8.0 1.9.0  
Jahia User Entries 1.5.0 1.6.0  
jContent 2.13.0 3.0.1  
jquery 8.1.0 8.2.0  
LDAP 4.6.0 4.7.1  
Legacy Default Components   1.0.0  
Module Manager 2.8.0 2.9.1  
NPM Modules Engine (Alpha)   0.2.0  
Personal API Tokens 1.4.1 1.5.0  
Remote Publish 9.7.0 10.0.0  
Roles Manager 8.5.0 8.6.0  
SDL generator Tools 2.3.0 Removed 2.4.0
Security Filter Tools 2.4.0 2.5.0  
SEO 8.1.0 8.2.0  
Server Availability Manager   3.1.0  
Server Settings 9.7.0 9.8.0  
Server Settings EE 9.2.0 9.3.0  
Site Settings 8.7.0 8.8.0  
Site Settings SEO 4.4.0 5.0.1  
Skins 8.0.0 Removed 8.2.0
Tabular List 8.1.0 Removed 8.2.0
Tasks 8.1.0 8.2.0  
Templates System 9.0.0 9.1.0  
Tools 4.4.0 5.0.1  
Tools EE 3.2.0 3.3.0  
User Dashboard 8.5.0 8.6.0  
Jahia Demo
Jahia Demo Luxe   0.2.0  
Jahia Demo Luxe Prepackaged Site   0.2.0  
Jahia Demo Digitall 2.3.0 Removed 3.0.0
Jahia Article 3.0.0 Removed N/A
Jahia Bookmarks 3.1.0 Removed N/A
Jahia Calendar 3.2.0 Removed N/A
Jahia Contact 3.0.0 Removed N/A
Jahia Event 3.1.0 Removed 4.0.0
Jahia Base Demo Components 2.4.0 Removed 3.0.0
Jahia Base Demo Core 2.5.0 Removed 2.6.0
Jahia Base Demo Templates 3.4.0 Removed 4.0.0
Jahia FAQ 3.0.0 Removed N/A
Jahia Location 3.2.0 Removed N/A
Jahia News 3.4.0 Removed N/A
Jahia Person 3.2.0 Removed N/A
Jahia Press 3.1.0 Removed N/A
Jahia Rating 3.2.0 Removed 3.3.0
Jahia Social Sharing 3.0.0 Removed N/A
Jahia Top Stories 3.0.0 Removed N/A
Other modules released alongside
Copy to other languages N/A   3.0.1
CMIS Provider N/A   4.0.0
Database Connector N/A   1.6.0
Distributed Sessions N/A   3.5.0
Elasticsearch Connector N/A   3.3.0
Forms Core N/A   3.11.0
Jahia Globallink Translation N/A   4.0.0
JCR Auth Provider N/A   3.4.1
Siteimprove Connector N/A   3.0.2

The following librairies were updated between Jahia and Jahia 8.2.0

Library Version in Jahia Version in Jahia
Apache Commons Collections 3.2.2 3.2.2-jahia
Apache Commons Compress 1.21.0 1.25.0
Apache Commons Ognl 3.2.21 Removed
Apache Commons IO 2.11.0 2.13.0
Apache Felix Configadmin 1.9.16 1.9.26
Apache Felix Fileinstall 3.6.4-jahia3 3.7.4-jahia1
Apache Felix Framework   6.0.5
Apache Felix Metatype 1.2.2 1.2.4
Apache Felix Utils 1.11.2 1.11.8
Apache Felix Web Console 4.3.16-jahia2 4.3.16-jahia3
Apache Jackrabbit 2.18.4-jahia1 2.20.12-jahia1
Apache Jackrabbit Oak API   1.48.0
Apache Karaf 4.2.7 4.3.10
Spring 5 feature have been removed. Can be installed manually if required
Apache Maven Dependency Plugin 2.8 3.6.0
Apache Maven Deploy Plugin 2.8.2 3.1.0
Apache Maven Install Plugin 2.5.2 3.1.0
Apache Maven Jar Plugin 2.6 3.3.0
Apache Maven Javadoc Plugin 2.10.4 3.6.3
Apache Maven Resources Plugin 2.6 3.3.1
Apache Maven SCM Plugin   2.0.1
Apache Portals Portlet API 1.0 Removed
Apache Portals Pluto Libraries 2.0.2 Removed
Apache Shiro 1.10.0 1.13.0
Not exposed anymore
Apache Tika 1.28.5 2.9.1
Apache Tomcat 9.0.83 9.0.85
Apache Maven Compiler Plugin 3.7.0 3.11.0
Graphql-java Dataloader   3.2.0
DB Driver - MariaDB 3.0.9 3.3.3
DB Driver - MySQL 8.0.33 8.3.0
DB Driver - MSSQL 9.4.1.jre8 12.6.1.jre11
DB Driver - Oracle
DB Driver - PostgreSQL 42.6.0 42.6.1
OWASP Dependency Check Plugin 8.2.1 9.0.9
Dom4j 1.6.1 2.1.4
Drools 6.0.0.Final 6.0.0.Final-jahia1
Eclipse JDT    3.33.0
Eclipse JDT Core Compiler 4.6.1 Removed
EHCache 2.8.5
Google Kaptcha 2.3 Removed
GraalVM   22.3.3
GraphQL Java 13.0 21.3
GraphQL Java Annotations 7.2.1 21.1
GraphQL Java Extended Scalars   21.0
GraphQL Java Servlet 9.1.0 15.1.1-jahia
Guava 30.1.1-jre 33.0.0-jre
Hazelcast 3.12.10 3.12.13
Hibernate ORM 5.5.3.Final 5.5.3.Final
Not exposed anymore
Izpack 4.3.5-jahia11 4.3.5-jahia12
Jackson Libraries 2.14.2 2.15.2
Jahia Plugin 6.8 6.10
Jansi 1.18 2.4.0
Javax XML Bind 2.3.1 Removed
Javax Mail 1.6.1 1.6.2
Javax Portlet API 2.0 Removed
jdom & jdom2 1.1.3
JGroups 3.4.8.Final 3.6.20.Final
JQuery 3.4.1 3.7.1
Json 20070829 20232013
Felix Maven Bundle Plugin 5.1.2 5.1.9
Mvel2 2.1.7 2.1.7.Jahia1
OSGi 6.0.0 7.0.0
Pax Logging 1.11.13 2.2.3
Pax URL 2.6.1 2.6.14
Pax Web API 7.3.7 7.3.29
Pax Web JSP 7.3.7 7.3.29-jahia1
Rome 1.0 Removed
Sonar Scanner for Maven Plugin
Spring Beans 3.2.18.jahia1_OSGI 3.2.18.jahia2_OSGI
Spring Web 3.2.18.RELEASE_OSGI 3.2.18.jahia4_OSGI
SnakeYaml 1.33.0 2.2.0
Apache Xalan 2.7.2 2.7.3
Yahoo YUI Compressor 2.4.9-20161014 Removed


Jahia 8.2.0 - Changelog

  • Fixed a concurrency issue with the maintenance filter

Version is the first public release of Jahia 8.2.0

Versions,, and were not made publicly available and their changes are documented as part of the overall 8.2.0 release notes.


  • Added redirect check for protocol-relative URLs
  • Upgraded json from 20070829 to 20231013
  • Hardened security of jquery-form by improving the parsing mechanism (provided a dedicated patch: 3.19-jahia.1)
  • Improved URL pattern and checks in Spring framework (https://academy.jahia.com/customer-center/jahia/patches/security-patch-april-2024)
  • Backported drools security fixes to our fork of version 6.0.0
  • Block URLs containing semicolons by default
  • Removed the dependency to OGNL as it is deprecated and vulnerable
  • Added configuration to synchronize version in pom.xml and package.json
  • Added a check to prevent the copy of a protected property
  • Disabled the Hazelcast "phone home" feature in cluster
  • Removed support for java.security.acl
  • Improved checks of authorized redirects
  • Prevented access from session authentication on /commands and /provisioning api
  • Added a check to prevent the copy of a protected property
  • Introduced a new permission filter to better control access to ajax views.


  • Improvements in the core to allow for support of NPM Modules Engine
  • Introduced support for JDK 17
  • When using GraalVM, implemented a mechanism to shorter stacktraces and limit them to content useful for debugging issues
  • Upgraded many frameworks and libraries (detailed list in the above section “Updated libraries in 8.2.0”)
  • Upgraded Maven plugins to latest versions and added Maven SCM plugin in the Core
  • Replaced jdom by jdom2
  • Removed ComparableComparator class from commons-collections-3.2.2
  • Deprecated JCRContentUtils.size method and recommendation to perform a query on the JCR to determine the count of items beneath a node
  • Deprecated code for GWT category manager
  • Setted logs for deprecated JCRContentutils.size to be displayed in debug mode only
  • Use the shared jContent deletion modal with GWT Page Composer
  • Disabled AJP port on default
  • Disabled rmi servlet and removed Karaf management feature
  • Stopped exposing Guava from Core and upgrade it in the Core and some modules
  • Stopped exposing Shiro classes
  • Added a new OSGi service to listen to login/logout/download events
  • Added a refresh of graphql-dxm-provider if mutations are not available at startup (when patches are being applied)
  • Added a configuration to deactivate GWT page composer and handle redirects
  • Added a new jahia property to enable/disable CompositeSpellChecker, enabled by default
  • Added a note about support of Amazon S3 as a datastore: not supported by Jahia, even though there is no recommendation against it
  • Added a module requirement to hide action request button when not enabled on a site
  • Added a new jmix property ("jmix:hideDeleteAction")
  • Moved the maintenance filter to a dedicated Jahia core bundle
  • Added support for extended RenderService.resolveTemplate, to improve NPM modules integration in the core
  • Improved performance of the ViewsRegistrar.resolveView method
  • Improved cache management (JCRNodeCacheLoadAverage) when importing a site with a large number of files
  • Improved permissions granularity for provisioning api
  • Updated default module to package libraries and assets using webpack
  • Removed automatic generation of OSGi packages into custom.properties
  • Re-organized the custom.properties file by moving packages that are not recommended for use in a dedicated variable
  • Removed packages with incorrect version (0.0.0, *-SNAPSHOT) from the custom.properties file
  • Removed duplicate packages from the custom.properties file
  • Cleaned up the exported packages for some of our forks (Apache Jackrabbit, Spring and jGroups) in custom.properties
  • Removed the GWT file upload to JCR
  • Removed unnecessary exported packages in templates.system
  • Removed jquery.min.js from core
  • Removed dependency to jquery in core and CKEditor
  • Removed the jquery fileupload javascript libraries from assets and moved the jquery fileupload image and css to the default module
  • Removed implicit dependency to default and assets modules and made assets available for all sites
  • Removed Spring 5 feature from DX Core OSGi bundles
  • Removed the deprecated Portlet feature and dependencies
  • Removed YUI compressor and deprecated the static assets render filter
  • Removed the findUser* end points
  • Removed unused static assets from the assets module
  • Implemented new login page style for Jahia administration
  • Set default value for jahia property loadJahiaContext to false
  • Use 404 instead of 401/403 for protected resources
  • Updated description of memberOf and notMemberOf tags
  • Moved content types out of the default module and into a dedicated legacy-default-components module
  • Introduced the module legacy-default-components to provide legacy definitions moved out of Jahia core
  • Fixed a formatting issue in OSGi configuration management UI
  • Included SAM by default in production and development deployments (limited to production previously)
  • Improved the translation creation by using the parent node if current node is already a translation
  • Updated editor and translator roles to use the basic ckeditor toolbar
  • Updated labels for menu label, internal and external links
  • Added the possibility to skip the page creation when installing modules
  • Fixed issue allowing the creation of a node with missing mandatory properties
  • Hide authorization header in ErrorLoggingFilter logs
  • Adapted Apache POI default logging levels to only log levels WARN and above
  • Fixed memory leak in c:forEach and c:set tags
  • Added a rule condition on sub node deletion
  • Fixed issue with copy/import in case of content using same name for both property and child definitions
  • Fixed issue with re-indexation from the tools on Windows
  • Fixed issue with duplicated parameter values in query string
  • Fixed issue with the parsing in the MailSettings service
  • Fixed issue with the "show in repository explorer" menu item not using the right link to repository explorer
  • Avoid dumping error file for PathNotFoundException error
  • Fixed errors when using unpublish all due to duplicated content id across languages
  • Fixed error in live when unpublishing a page with multiple vanity urls
  • Improved user language detection by handling browser preferred languages using language code only like 'en' matching site language using country code like 'en_UK'.
  • Fixed issue with user:memberOf tag method that was not checking the common groups
  • Improved error handling to have a consistent behavior between development and production modes
  • Improved performances of the page sorting by using the property index if available instead of using indexOf method
  • Fixed issue with journal state not correctly restored after disabling read-only mode
  • Updated error code (405) returned when attempting to do a GET on a POST action
  • Fixed configuration synchronization errors when replicating a configuration across a cluster
  • Fixed an issue preventing login into Jahia tools when when maintenance mode is enabled
  • Fixed layout issues by setting max side panel width to 900px in Page Composer
  • Fixed inconsistency in deletion of WIP content
  • Fixed issue with query parameters not preserved upon redirection by adding rewrite rules
  • Fixed issue in OSGi WebConsole configuration preventing usage of factory configuration action
  • Fixed issue in security filter configuration not allowing to display a tree from a folder
  • Fixed an issue with a wrong page link automatically generated when creating a page from a templateSet
  • Fixed an issue with the GWT UI making it unclear which content is selected and potentially resulting in incorrectly deleting nodes.
  • Added an error message in the event a user triggers a permanently delete action on content that still exists in live (additional protection to the fix above).


  • Upgraded MySQL driver from 8.0.33 to 8.3.0
  • Upgraded MariaDB driver from 3.0.9 to 3.3.3
  • Upgraded PostgreSQL from 42.6.0 to 42.6.1
  • Upgraded Oracle from 21.9.0 to 21.13.0
  • Upgraded MSSQL from 9.4.1-jre8 to 12.6.1-jre11
  • Upgraded spring-beans to 3.2.18.jahia3_OSGI
  • Improved handling of large objects with PostgreSQL (not compatible with versions<=10)
  • Updated the hibernate dialect for Oracle from 10g to 12c
  • Exposed Jahia SQL datasource as an OSGi service
  • Added primary keys for PostgreSQL and Oracle
  • Fixed an issue with the support of Query.bindValue for SQL2
  • Fixed an issue with IF NOT EXIST in database init script


  • Removed /api/cluster/groups entry point
  • Upgraded Apache Karaf Cellar to 4.1.3-jahia10
  • Upgraded JGroups from 3.4.8.Final to 3.6.20.Final and provided documentation related to the secured configuration
  • Upgraded Hazelcast from 3.12.10 to 3.12.13
  • Added cellar event bundle in a feature and configured the broadcasting
  • Moved cluster probe from Server Availability Manager module


  • Updated the tomcat base docker image from tomcat:9-jdk21-openjdk-slim to tomcat:9-jdk21-temurin
  • Optimized resources used in Jahia docker layers
  • Removed the JMX options from Jahia docker images


  • Fixed issue in single content import with embedded reference
  • Added a permission check for the export feature


  • Updated JVM options provided by Jahia installer and used at Jahia startup
  • Included luxe demo in installer (discovery) and jahia-discovery docker image
  • Removed deprecated MaxPermSize option in izpack
  • Added required JDK 17 option to the Tomcat provided by the installer
  • Added XML/XSL Factory options at JVM level
  • Upgraded Apache Tomcat from 9.0.75 to 9.0.85


  • Removed digitall modules from Jahia distribution
  • Removed the legacy Category Manager
  • Removed channels, grid, skins, default-skins and tabularList from Jahia distribution
  • Added a cleanup step after migration to remove installed, failed and skipped patches


  • Added a new property to exclude nodetypes from versioning
  • Improved the versioning service to only load the nodes/versions in ram while iterating on them
  • Fixed issue with versioning not displaying the right content in the comparison view

Modules included in the upgrade - Changelog

App Shell (3.1.0)

  • Upgraded React from 16 to 18
  • Updated the webpack configuration to use the shared one
  • Improved Jahia loading screen by adding information messages and a better handling of errors
  • Fixed random blank page in administration pages due to the module not initializing correctly
  • Fixed blank page issue when accessing administration pages due to wrong site and language resolution

CKEditor (4.21.0-jahia8-7)

  • Upgraded JQuery from 3.4.1 to 3.7.1

External data provider (4.7.0)

  • Documented the depreciation of Spring support in modules
  • Updated external provider to use JDBC instead of Hibernate
  • Moved external provider UI into dedicated module (CMIS Provider now depends on the new UI modules)
  • Provided OSGi implementation for VFS and modules-provider
  • Migrated EDP test module from Spring to OSGI
  • Implemented GraphQL API endpoints to perform operations on mount points
  • Removed the possibility to create mount points via a cfg file
  • Improved handling of large objects with PostgreSQL (not compatible with versions <=10)
  • Fixed issue with mixin properties not removed upon mixin removal for jnt:externalProviderExtension
  • Fixed the zip being corrupted when downloading as zip files and folders from a mount point
  • Fixed issue with wrong journal sequence usage for Oracle

GraphQL DXM Provider (3.0.0)

  • Added an option to rename a node being moved if there is a conflict
  • Added an option to skip nodes by nodetypes when copying
  • Added a new entry point for publication job subscription
  • Added a new entry point for usages
  • Added an entry point for usages
  • Added the 'updateOnly' parameter for configuration edition
  • Added a field sorter on node references
  • Improved subscription for publication job by adding filter by user key and job states
  • Moved journal GraphQL API logic to a Jahia core service
  • Removed old and unused javascript libraries
  • Added a renderedValue field for string properties
  • Added fields for file and thumbnail urls
  • Added an isExternal field to know if a node is external (Searchable Implementation rolled back)
  • Added a configuration to limit the number of nodes per page (graphql.fields.node.limit with default value set to 5000)
  • Migrated from GraphQL Playground to GraphiQL in the tools
  • Fixed SDL wiring issue by providing a default data fetcher factory for SDL types
  • Improved the save action by only validating a session content before saving
  • Fixed an issue with the user tasks count when starting a publication workflow

LDAP Provider (4.7.1)

  • Added missing dependency to external-provider following upgrade of Jahia plugin
  • Fixed incorrect import packages by limiting springframework import version

Jahia Administration (1.9.1)

  • Fixed an issue when using the browser back button after updating site properties
  • Fixed white page issue when removing a language

Jahia CSRF Guard (4.0.0)

  • Activated CSRF TokenPerPage by default
  • Added current session's user in the logs
  • Improved filtering of actions (.do) by checking the end of the url
  • Fixed an issue when calling Jahia actions related to a token not found
  • Fixed the domain check that was corrupted during minification

Jahia Dashboard (1.9.0)

  • Removed the modules section from the dashboard
  • Extended graphql-annotation range following upgrade of GraphQL libraries in Jahia core

Jahia Dashboard Docs (1.3.0)

  • Updated cards listed in the Jahia Dashboards for Jahia

Jahia User Entries (1.6.0)

  • Fixed issue with workflow icon not updated after start of a publication

jContent (3.0.1)

  • Merged content editor 4.x and jcontent 3.x
  • Provided a new icon for the feature
  • Created the json-overrides repository to provide examples for Content Editor json overrides
  • Refactored the Content Editor form generation
  • Extended json override format to include fields and fieldset in form definition
  • Added support for "extends" mixin and dependant choicelist
  • Changed JSON override format
  • Simplified API usage and added a reordering option
  • Extended graphql-annotation range following upgrade of GraphQL libraries in Jahia core
  • Moved "Content type restrictions" to "Content List & Ordering" and removed the related GWT-panel in the advanced options
  • Improved page builder's drag & drop feature
  • Improved accordion location handling when switching between Pages / Content Folders / Media accordions, by storing the last location per accordion
  • Allowed the display of jmix:mainResource node with Page Builder
  • Merged Visibility by languages/date and time/devices in one screen
  • Added 'open in preview' header button
  • Added new labels when a page/content is already published
  • Use new jmix property ("jmix:hideDeleteAction") to hide the delete action
  • Automatically expand the structured view to display selected items
  • Added "Advanced Mode" button visibility check via json override
  • Added the possibility to enable a mixin with json override
  • Added the possibility to use json override to set permission on a property
  • Added the multiple selection in the thumbnails view
  • Added new entry point to debug the json overrides in jContent
  • Added extensible conditions on json override
  • Added beta to the Page Builder feature label
  • Added new actions in jContent header (Edit, Open in Live)
  • Added the possibility to copy single page or page with sub pages
  • Added error modals for content editor url errors
  • Added the possibility to double click on a content in page composer to open content editor
  • Added new toasts to display notifications (queued, language being published, completed) for a started publication
  • Added possibility to use jmix:visibleInContentTree to add content to the left tree
  • Provided selector type overrides for radio and checkbox choicelist
  • Open CE in modal in jContent
  • Open the "Contents" tab by default in jContent
  • Display a breadcrumb on content hover
  • Display content-type chip in CE small modal
  • Display 404 error page when URL is redirecting to wrong folder/page
  • Display overlay header/footer only in selection in Page Builder
  • Updated dropdown labels for language selector
  • Updated category manager URL
  • Updated documentation on how to declare a custom "content" accordion
  • (JContent Accordion Configuration)
  • Disable sorting when using structured view
  • Enable the new category manager by default
  • Set showPageComposer property to true by default
  • Removed deprecated GWT panels from Advanced tabs
  • Allow the usage of /jahia/jcontent/ urls to open the content edition
  • Automatically close notification toasts in jContent
  • Show usages in the deletion modal
  • Fixed list view display when we click on "open in list view"
  • Fixed invalid values when using choicelist on weakreferences
  • Fixed redirection to Home via breadcrumb inside jContent and Content Editor
  • Fixed: mixin property overriden in a definition is now displayed in the correct fieldset in CE
  • Fixed feedback message when pasting an element in ckeditor
  • Fixed issue when breaking role inheritance and setting new roles
  • Fixed issue with preview refresh button not working when editing/creating content with subcontent
  • Fixed wrong image picker title
  • Fixed an issue with area restrictions not well applied when defined at template level
  • Fixed issue with dropdown not entirely displayed (from a choicelist initializer)
  • Improved the forms override to use default values from hidden fields
  • Fixed issue with the scrollbar not clickable when content tree is large (ex: when window is resized)
  • Fixed permissions issue making accordion item disappearing by always allowing its display
  • Updated the french label for structured view
  • Improved the pickers by using the root path as fallback in pages accordion
  • Fixed issue with the cards being cropped in the thumbnails view
  • Fixed an issue with the area label not correctly displayed when using drag & drop
  • Fixed an issue in the file picker always returning to the start of the list when opening a folder
  • Fixed issue with usages requiring a refresh to show all of them
  • Improved content creation in content folders by using jmix:droppableContent instead of jmix:editorialContent
  • Fixed issue with selection header not being displayed on hover
  • Removed preview action from contextual menu inside page builder
  • Show the import actions on pages, areas, lists and always hide it on folders
  • Fixed error when switching from structured view to list view
  • Improved the error handling when navigating in jContent
  • Updated translations for image picker modal title and open in jContent action
  • Fixed error when navigating through the accordions in jContent
  • Fixed issue in language switcher by using the UI language while editing a content
  • Fixed and issue preventing the override of field labels in primary node type
  • Added back 'new content' entry in the actions dropdown menu (initially removed with Jahia
  • Added back the maxNameSize check for file uploads (initially removed with Jahia and increased its default value from 32 to 128
  • Removed jmix:mainResource from content tree visibility
  • Removed the paste button from the header on all views, when the user is on a page
  • Fixed issue when uploading folders with special characters by normalizing the filename (NFC form)
  • Fixed issue with selected not being updated when switching from Pages to Content Folders accordion
  • Reduced deletion-modal width to 1148px (instead of full screen)
  • Fixed an issue when collapsing a tree when an item was already selected
  • Fixed issues (overlap, pagination, scrolling) with high number of usages by displaying 99+ when needed
  • Fixed an issue with left tree entries disappearing when loading a mount point

Module Management (2.9.1)

  • Added support for target param in bundle scripts
  • Improved permissions granularity for module manager api
  • Stopped using Shiro classes
  • Updated the webpack configuration to use the shared one
  • Fixed an issue with a bundle disappearing from the UI after a start due to an invalid signature
  • Fixed issue with the upgrade button available when the module operations are disabled by configuration
  • Fixed loading/merging of cnd files on Windows

NPM Modules Engine (0.2.0)

Personal API Tokens (1.5.0)

  • Extended graphql-annotation range following upgrade of GraphQL libraries in Jahia core

Remote Publish (10.0.0)

  • Removed usage of Hibernate and replaced it by JDBC
  • Added documentation related to the jahia.remotePublicationService.replayLogRecommendedSizeLimit property
  • Identify ways to solve RP connection issues
  • Identify ways to improve tooling to solve RP issues
  • Implemented simpler failure message when catching an exception and reduced the size of the generated logs by providing a zipped log file on the distant server
  • Improved the remote publication tools interface with pagination and fields description
  • Improved the journal entries display in the tools by ordering them by date, the latest on the top
  • Fixed the journal entries query to use LIMIT ... OFFSET for MariaDB and MySQL instead of OFFSET ... FETCH
  • Fixed issue with wrong journal sequence usage for Oracle
  • Disable site users and groups management on distant publication server
  • Improved handling of large objects with PostgreSQL (not compatible with versions<=10)

Roles Manager (8.6.0)

  • Ensure "clear lock" permission isn't interfering with "bypass workflow" permission

Security Filter Tools (2.5.0)

  • Extended graphql-annotation range following upgrade of GraphQL libraries in Jahia core

Server Settings (9.8.0)

  • Removed the deprecated Portlet feature and dependencies
  • Skipped creation of jnt:page nodes when installing modules during a site import

Server Availability Manager (3.1.0)

  • Introduced a new probe to help detect wiring issues and fixed modules dependencies
  • Introduced a new SAM probe to alerts on ERRORS in Jahia logs
  • Included SAM by default in production and development deployments (limited to production previously)
  • Moved cluster probe into clustering bundle
  • Extended graphql-annotation range following upgrade of GraphQL libraries in Jahia core
  • Fixed issue with datastore health probe always returning a green status and renamed it to FileDatastoreProbe

Site Settings (8.8.0)

  • Introduced a new site properties panel as a replacement to GWT page composer
  • Removed the html filtering UI from site settings and replaced it by the new html-filtering module (https://academy.jahia.com/documentation/jahia/jahia-8/end-user/administering-your-sites/filtering-html-tags-from-rich-text-fields)
  • Updated the webpack configuration to use the shared one

Site Settings SEO (5.0.0)

  • Hide vanity urls on external node
  • Fixed issue in language switcher by using the UI language
  • Updated the webpack configuration to use the shared one
  • Fixed a permission issue resulting in the view vanity URL model being visible to users without write permission
  • Prevent forbidden characters (:*?\"<>|%+ and .do) in vanity URL
  • Only add alternate language tag for multilingual sites
  • Added specific permission for vanity URL access
  • Fixed default access to the seo/vanity url for user with type "editor"
  • Fixed issue with header update when deleting several vanityURLs
  • Fixed a display issue when the system-name of a page contains specials characters
  • Fixed an issue with the "Manage Vanity Urls" being broken after unpublication of a page for a language
  • Fixed a UI issue in jContent due to a wrong module federation configuration in site-settings-seo
  • Fixed error in browser console when moving a vanity URLs

Tools (5.0.1)

  • Introduced a new tool to check OSGI imported and exported packages
  • Removed dependency to Hibernate
  • Removed the deprecated Portlet feature and dependencies
  • Update the module to package libraries and assets using webpack
  • Fixed an issue with the API to retrieve the tools access token which prints an error considered as a request error by some HTTP clients
  • Fixed issue in the jcrJarsCleanup tool due to missing token

Tools EE (3.3.0)

  • Update the module to package libraries and assets using webpack
  • Fixed an issue with retrieval of cluster members list following JGroups upgrade to 3.6.20.Final in Jahia core

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