Jahia 8.0.2 Release Notes

December 21, 2021

What's new?

Jahia 8.0.2 is a maintenance release that includes various bug fixes and some notable improvements to Jahia 8:

  • Editors-in-chief and site administrators can now limit the number of items that can be created or displayed in a content list in Page Composer. Use this feature to reduce the number of buttons available for creating content in your pages and to make it easier for authors to drag-and-drop content to the correct location.
  • System administrators can run integrity checks on a subtree
    An administrator can now provide the UUID of the parent node on which to run an integrity check in /tools/jcrIntegrityTools.jsp.
  • Developer tools are now available in Jahia
    Developer tools have been moved from the /tools section to the main navigation in Jahia. No need to go to the tools anymore to execute a GraphQL query or generate a JWT token!
    • Introduced a new GraphQL editor
      We have also introduced GraphQL Playground, a more modern interface to build and execute GraphQL queries.
    • Read more about it at About Developer Tools
  • Content Editor 3.1.0
    • Custom pickers are now supported through UI extensions
    • Images are now displayed in choicelists
    • Date picker now supports year selection

Feature relocation

As part of an initiative to improve the architecture of our Jahia core, some features have been relocated from the core to their own module. This allows us to manage and develop such features in isolation from the core. While some of these new modules are packaged with Jahia, others are not included by default but available in the Jahia store:. 

If you are using these features, you will have to specifically deploy the module and update its configuration following the documentation.

Permission relocation

The workflow-dashboard-access permission has been moved to User Interface>Managers. This means that all the roles with the Managers permission will now have access to the Workflow dashboard. By default, editors will now see the workflow dashboard entry in the navigation. Customers not relying on publication workflows shall remove this permission from their roles, to simplify the interface of their users.

Jahia >> - Changelog


  • Updated core modules to use Content Security Policy
  • Updated default module to use Content Security Policy
  • Upgraded JODConverter to 4.3.0
  • Upgraded Apache Tika to 1.24.1
  • Upgraded Apache Shiro library to 1.6.0
  • Improved protection on actions against CSRF attacks
  • Upgraded Spring to 3.2.18.RELEASE
  • Upgraded slf4j to 1.7.26
  • Upgraded Apache Camel library to 2.25.2
  • Removed X-Requested-With header when not necessary as it was causing issues with CSRF


  • Removed compatibility with the old action framework
  • Removed "force flash player" option for jnt:video as Flash is not supported anymore
  • Removed support for jnt:flash as Flash is not supported anymore
  • Set system name to read-only when creating named content
  • Added mixin to define maximum number of items allowed in an area
  • Fixed event ordering in mixin with remote publication
  • Fixed an issue in which an error was recorded in logs during remote publication although the operation was successful
  • Fixed an error preventing the component from rendering if the first state in flow.xml is an action-state
  • Added scheduler for Datastore GarbageCollector
  • Fixed issue in which JSActionItem ignored allowedTypes in some cases
  • Removed jmix:sendAsNewsletter
  • Fixed empty log when read-only mode is enabled and a user tries to login with "/start"
  • Removed unused properties from jahia.properties file in Jahia 8
  • Fixed read-only mode operations on a single node cluster
  • Removed display of hidden types when restrictions are set
  • Fixed issue and improved error message when module with dependency is uploaded
  • Fixed ClassCast error after deployment of a new module and removal of its older version
  • Fixed error in splitting rules for substring and first characters
  • Fixed specific choicelist initializer
  • Fixed issue with moving config files during Jahia upgrade if file already exists
  • Fixed broken links to Page Composer and jContent in workflow emails
  • Fixed error when installing modules on Jahia without internet access
  • Updated log message to log language if available when path not found
  • Removed button for unavailable types in restricted areas in Page Composer
  • Reduced NoSuchItemStateExceptions during indexing
  • Fixed issue where missing primary keys in tables was causing issues with MariaDB Galera

Server/Site Administration

  • Moved workflow-dashboard-access permission to User Interface>Managers
  • Fixed issue with blank panel when navigating in Roles and permissions
  • Added a wait for work in progress message to prevent a UI exception
  • Fixed issue that occurred editing or deleting an imported site


  • Add workflowTitle in the Email notification template


  • Fixed issue with applying configuration files for all cluster nodes after module upgrade

Felix Fileinstall

  • Stabilized module start after restarting server


  • Updated commons-codec to 1.13 which is expected by the POI library
  • Improved performance on export of environments with many users and ACLs

Jahia Dashboard

  • Replaced Jahia Academy URL with Documentation URL on Jahia home page

User Dashboard

  • Added German translation to My Dashboard

Legacy Managers

  • Fixed display of content with many subfolders

Modules - Changelog

jContent (2.2.0)

  • Changed the color of delete action to red in jContent
  • Improved layout for thumbnails with landscape orientation
  • Added new PreviewSize component to show image resolution and file size in preview
  • Display the file size of images in jContent
  • Updated the Media section to show only one thumbnail view
  • The number of items now displays in the card for a folder
  • Fixed opening of contextual menu in grid view
  • Fixed missing labels in image editor
  • Fixed a JavaScript error when a non-existing sitekey is used in the URL and returns a 404 instead
  • Fixed JavaScript error when undefined data was returned
  • Fixed language display name when language is not available in site languages
  • Fixed issue with preserving folder hierarchies in zipped files

Server Administration (9.2.0)

  • Access to Search Settings panel from Administration has been removed
  • Updated the public app store URL to use https

Site Administration (8.2.0)

  • Added support for case insensitive search of users and groups

Tools (3.1.0)

  • Added a log warning if the UUID is an external node
  • Current cluster node ID was added to the Tools home page
  • Added developer tools entries to the left navigation bar
  • Added ability to run integrity check on a subtree

Page Composer (1.2.0)

  • Fixed errors while creating a page model from a page containing a vanity URL
  • Fixed CSS layout when there are many elements in the background jobs window

LDAP Connector (4.2.0)

  • Fixed an issue preventing editing of a node if reference cannot be found anymore
  • Prevented the LDAP config password from being exposed in the logs

Content Editor (3.1.0)

  • Fixed issue with translating default values when creating content in multiple languages
  • Fixed issue preventing LDAP users from editing permissions on their folders and files in My Files
  • Fixed synchronization issue in referenced content
  • Fixed issue where users and groups were not selectable when adding them to Edit or Live roles
  • Fixed display of Any content button in Page Composer with more than 3 allowed content type
  • Fixed white screen when editing system name
  • Fixed blank screen when editing a content with missing weak reference
  • Fixed choice list with fields having the same name
  • Fixed error log in the browser console when creating a content "location"
  • Fixed image reference on a deleted image
  • Improved folder picker labels
  • Fixed check by API that a folder is unpublished
  • Fixed handling of unknown custom component
  • Fixed loading issue in picker
  • Fixed adding a link in an image
  • Make menu label selectable in pickers with predefined content types
  • Display correct content type badge in header
  • Updated markdown libraries
  • Fixed broken message when user doesn't have permission to see referenced node
  • Fixed german and english resource bundle on dropdown values of jExperience mixin
  • Removed system value (ce_preview_wrapper) from view dropdown values
  • Updated handlebars libraries
  • Correctly display translated values for "categorized" and "read more"