Form Factory 2.0.2

February 2, 2022

Fixes and improvements:

  • Backend fixes upon redeployment/updates of FF.
  • Better compatibility with latest/upcoming DX version (7.1.x with session offloading activated and 7.2).
  • New “No CSS” theme is packaged by default as a starting point to easily provide your own theme.
  • Extended Mail action with "From" field and capability to choose your custom mail template.
  • Different date format for the date picker by allowing you to select a format other than YYYY-MM-DD from a predefined list of formats.
  • Updated validations for file upload by adding new file type filters and allow to select multiple filters for the selected file.
  • Easily reorder your country top list.

Requires Jahia: version-  -  Updated: 2016-10-11