About Jahia

November 14, 2023

What is Jahia?

The Jahia platform helps you create and edit digital content, manage the channels and sites where you deliver that content, and collect data as your customers engage with your content. You can use this data to customize and improve your content and create truly personalized digital experiences for each of your customers. 

What does Jahia do?

Think of Jahia as the centerpiece of your marketing technology stack. Through our easy-to-use platform, you can combine content and data to deliver a tailored experience to every customer that engages with your brand.  As you create and edit content in Jahia you will work with:

  • Page Composer
    Page Composer helps you to organize and layout your content on sites with easy-to-use components and plug-ins. Built-in real-time preview makes it easy to see how each change affects your pages as they are developed.
    For more information, see Overview of Page Composer.
  • jContent
    jContent is the engine for managing all of your content, it’s your first stop for uploading, modifying, repurposing, and publishing content that you plan to use across your various pages and channels.
    For more information, see Overview of jContent.
  • Content Editor
    Content Editor enables you to create, edit, and publish any content item. You access Content Editor from Page Composer or directly from content items in jContent.
    For more information, see Authoring content in Content Editor.
  • jExperience
    Once your content is published, you need data to be able to test, evaluate, and optimize it.  jExperience integrates data with your content editing interfaces so you can customize with personalization, evalutate content strategies with A/B testing,  perform profiling operations such as segmentation and scoring, and implement goals and campaigns with ease.
    For more information, see About jExperience.

Creating and publishing content

Jahia offers two primary paths to creating and publishing content.

  • Traditional
    Traditional authoring and publishing focuses on building and developing pages for each digital channel, rather than creating modular content items that can be reused across multiple channels.  Page authoring relies on Page Composer to create content and layout sites.
    Page Composer is built for users who want to work with prebuilt templates and themes or who are creating standalone pages and sites.
    For more information, see Overview of Page Composer.
  • Headless
    Headless publishing focuses on modularity and flexibility, it relies on reuse of content across your entire digital ecosystem through APIs. In the Jahia platform, you use jContent to develop your content base and ensure that it meets your dynamic channel needs.
    Standalone jContent is ideal for users interested in streamlining how and where content displays across digital channels. For example web, tablets, phone, and IoT.
    For more information, see Using jContent.