Uploading files to Form Factory

December 21, 2021

Upload Files

It is very easy to get your visitors to upload files with Form Factory. In this short tutorial you will learn about how to add file input to your form and where submitted files are stored.

Add File Input

First, you want to add file input to your form. Simply open side panel by clicking “Add element” button and select “File upload”.


Save and publish your form once it is complete.

In “live” mode users are now able to select and submit a file.


Storing Files

In order for files to be persisted, you need to keep the default Save To JCR action on the form or create your own mechanism for persisting files. In the case when you keep the default Save To JCR action the files will appear in Form Factory results and in JCR under the input name as expected.

You can view results by selecting “View Results” in site settings under Form Factory.



If you upload a PDF file (or any other readable file) you will see its name as link. Clicking the link will open a new tab in your browser and you will be able to read the file.