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Community Distributions

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Enterprise Distributions

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Comparison of Community and Enterprise Distributions


Community Distribution

Enterprise Distribution

License GPLv3 Business Friendly (JSEL)
Source code

Jahia capabilities

  • Content editing
  • Digital asset management
  • Multi-language management
  • Search
  • Digital portal building
  • Engagement
  • Web marketing
  • Ouf-of-the-box mobile readiness and advanced multi-channels features

Developer Tools

  • Jahia Studio: Exclusive User Experience Builder
  • Integrated Development Tools (available from version 7)
Community stack 


Digital industrialization tools 

  • Private Apps stores (available from version 7)
  • Roles and advanced workflows 
  • User directories and SSO
  • Clustering
Unlimited bugfixes  
Hotfixes and service packs  
Online technical assistance with SLA:
  • Ticket submission on a dedicated web support space
  • Phone/SSH support available
  • SLA: 1 business day acknowledgement and 1 business day hands-on

5 hours per JVM inc.

24/5, 24/7 SLA for production environment 


Advanced stacks IBM, Oracle and Microsoft environments