Using fieldset tags

December 21, 2021

This topic shows you how to use the Fieldset input.

To add a Fieldset input:

  1. Create a new form and add your desired inputs to the form.
    Purchase Survey.png
  2. Once you are satisfied with your form, select Add Element and choose Fieldset Start Tag (referred to from now on as Fieldset (st))

    to add it to the form.

    Fieldset Start Tag.png

  3. Position the Fieldset (st) at the desired location in the form using the input movement controls located at the top-right corner of the input management box
    Forms input movement icons.png
  4. Select the edit icon
    Forms edit icon.png
    in order to set the title of the Fieldset as well as configuring any other available settings, such as logics.
  5. Add the Fieldset End Tag and position it where the Fieldset should end.
    Fieldset End Tag.png

Note that the Fieldset End Tag:

  • Does not contain a design view, as there is no configuration necessary for this input.
  • Is optional. If one is not found, it will be placed before another starting Fieldset tag or at the end of the form when the form renders.
    Fieldset Edit View.png

The result of the above steps will render a form similar to one below.

Fieldset Live View.png