Upgrading to Forms 2.4

December 21, 2021

About migrating:

  • You can upgrade from Form Factory 2.3.0 to Forms 2.4.0.
  • Forms 2.4.0 is compatible with Jahia/DX
  • Ensure that you first read these instructions entirely before you take any action.
  • Run this migration in a sandbox environment first, then move to preproduction and production.
  • Ensure that a backup exists for your Jahia data.
  • Check the Jahia logs at every step.


  • You must have all of your custom Form Factory modules updated and ready to be deployed with dependencies to:

To find all the modules installed on your platform with dependencies on Form Factory, here is a Groovy script that needs to be executed with the JCR Console tool (to be found in the JCR Data section of the support tools).

def rows = session.getWorkspace().getQueryManager().createQuery("SELECT [j:title] FROM [jnt:moduleVersion] where [j:dependencies] = 'form-factory-core'",javax.jcr.query.Query.JCR_SQL2).execute().getRows();

rows.each({row -> log.info(row.getValue('j:title').getString())})

When executed it will print the list of dependent modules, like the following example plus/minus the modules you have installed on your platform:

Form Factory Snippets Extension
Form Factory No CSS Theme
Form Factory prefill examples
Form Factory Extended Inputs

To migrate to Forms:

  1. Ensure that Form Factory core is running on your server.
  2. Download, install and start the Forms Migrator module from the Jahia store. Ensure that this module is started and running on all Jahia nodes in the cluster.
  3. Install the Forms Core. The migrator will take care of all the necessary steps for migration (definitions, stop/uninstall of previous Form Factory module while you are deploying the new ones, and migrating your site dependencies to the new modules) this will be done across the cluster.
  4. Also install all the modules from Forms that you use ( Snippets, No CSS, Prefill, Extended Inputs, Elasticsearch Storage) and your custom modules. Check that the modules are installed and started on all Jahia nodes in the cluster.

The migration to Forms 2.4.0 is now complete.