jExperience 1.11.0

November 14, 2023

jExperience 1.11 is compatible with jCustomer 1.4.1 and DX

jExperience 1.11

jExperience 1.11.0 is the rebranded version of Marketing Factory 1.10.4. It includes all the bug fixes in Marketing Factory 1.10 (including the ones in 1.10.4).

jCustomer 1.4.1

jCustomer 1.4.1 is the new name of the Jahia distribution of Apache Unomi. 

Breaking changes

Personalized Content API

The top jExperience GraphQL API field has been renamed from marketingFactory to jexperience. Please refer to the documentation.

Java package

In the jExperience source code, the org.jahia.modules.marketingfactory.admin Java package has been renamed to org.jahia.modules.jexperience 

Jahia configuration file to configure the connection between jExperience and jCustomer

Configuration files with names like org.jahia.modules.marketingfactory.settings-*.cfg has been renamed to org.jahia.modules.jexperience.settings-*.cfg . 
Properties inside the file have been renamed as well: now all properties start with jexperience instead of mf. Also, any reference to Unomi has been replaced by jcustomer. For instance: mf.unomiURL  has been changed to jexperience.jCustomerURL

jCustomer package file name 

The jCustomer zip/tar.gz files have been renamed from unomi-X.X.X-jahia to jcustomer-X.X.X-jahia. This might break some scripts used to automate the deployment or upgrades.