jExperience 1.13.0

November 14, 2023

jExperience 1.13.0

About versioning

To improve the module versioning and to align with other Jahia modules, jExperience 1.x will be dedicated to releases compatible with Jahia 7x while version 2.x (and above) will be dedicated to releases compatible with Jahia 8x.

Released between May 2020 and February 2021, jExperience 1.12.x was a version compatible with Jahia 8x and is an exception to this versioning scheme. 

As a result, users of the Jahia 7x platform can upgrade from jExperience 1.11.x (preferably 1.11.7) to jExperience 1.13.0.

New features

  • Introduced a new personalized list feature


  • Added search capabilities to the scoring plans dropdown and profile properties selector
  • Added support for content-type restrictions set by a cnd for AB tests or personalized content
  • Display event type in the condition builder
  • Change default view for scoring plans on profile panel
  • UI Improvements to the scoring plan, personal panel, condition builder
  • Conditions of type “clickEvent” are not added to trackedConditions anymore
  • Copy landing page URL parameters to profile properties


  • Fixed UI issue in scoring plan and segment titles
  • Fixed scoring dropdown in condition builder
  • Fixed a usability issue with a large number of scoring plans
  • Fixed an issue with selecting the “GreaterThanOrEqualTo” operator for a profile property condition.
  • Fixed an issue when removing a fallback variant making the variant conditions tab unaccessible.
  • Fixed an issue preventing a segment based on conditions on multiple properties to be created
  • Fixed selection of a form field in form mapping
  • Fixed a resident memory leak associated with an asynchronous HTTP request


  • Removed ability to create personalizations and AB tests from jExperience back office.
  • Removed jexperience.jcustomerCookieDomain since it became unnecessary with recent versions of jCustomer