jExperience 1.11.4

November 14, 2023

jExperience 1.11.4 allows you to use jCustomer 1.4.4 or jCustomer 1.5.4. 

As a reminder, jCustomer 1.5.4 works with Elasticsearch 7.4.2. This allows you to use Elasticsearch 7 on Jahia 7.3. Using jCustomer 1.5.4 will also ease your migration from Jahia 7 to Jahia 8: you will be able to use the same jCustomer version and you don't have to migrate your jCustomer instance.

jExperience 1.11.4 brings bugfixes and some improvements. 

  • More information about events (personalizations, AB tests) is now send to jCustomer when a variant is displayed. 
  • jExperience data collection is now compatible with tag manager
  • Consistent behaviour when deleting AB tests and personalizations deletion

Full changelog is available on