jExperience and remote publication

November 14, 2023

jExperience is fully compatible with a remote publishing architecture. Though a precise method must be applied. Here are the steps:

  1. Start ElasticSearch.
  2. Start jCustomer.
  3. Start Jahia (ensure that contribution server operating mode is defined as "production" and remote server operating mode is defined as "distantPublicationServer", using
  4. On the contribution server:
    Note: The remote site must have the same name/sitekey as original site, as all goals/conditions are based on node paths. Different site names are not supported for now.
    1. Create the desired site (for example, ACME SPORT).
    2. Install and enable the jExperience-modules.
    3. Configure jExperience in Site Settings.
  5. On the remote server:
    1. Create a new site with the same template set and same name/sitekey.
    2. Install jExperience-modules.
  6. Then set up the remote publication on the contribution node and execute the remote publication (check logs and UI, details about remote publication setup can be found here).
    1. Open the remote site in a new private window and browse the page.
    2. On the contribution server, check that the corresponding visitor profile was added in jExperience > Global > Audience > Profiles