Content Editor 1.0 - known issues and limitations

November 14, 2023

Content Editor 1.0 is a beta release of the editor that you use to create and publish content. Content Editor will replace the classic edit engine that users currently use to create content. Content Editor 1.1 will be released with Jahia 8.

The limitations are primarily related to functionality in the classic edit engine that has yet to be implemented in Content Editor 1.1. There are two types of limitations: those which are planned to fixed in Content Editor 1.1 and those which may be fixed.

Note: Content Editor 1.0 supports DE, FR, and EN as user languages.


The following limitations are planned to be completed for Content Editor 1.1.

Functionality available from the More Options menu

The following edit engine functionality is not available in Content Editor. In version 1.1, you will be able to access this functionality from the More Options menu at the top right of Content Editor.

  • List ordering
  • Live roles 
  • Edit roles
  • Workflow
  • Channels
  • Contribute mode settings


You cannot edit categories for a content type.


In Content Editor 1.0, validation only covers the “mandatory” rule. Validation of regexp or on other constraints is not yet implemented. 

Content and image pickers

When you use the content and image pickers, you cannot:

  • Search in the picker
  • Switch sites to find images and content from other locations
  • Drag-and-drop files in the picker
  • Create a new folder from the picker

Also, images loaded in the picker are full-size images of instead of thumbnails.    


Autocomplete when editing tags is not available.

Dynamic fieldsets and extends mixins

When content is in read-only view and locked, for example by a publication workflow, the dynamic fieldset (content defined with extends mixins) on the content still appears to be editable. However, you cannot save any of your changes.

Locks on content

Currently, no lock is set when an editor uses Content Editor. This means that if two users edit the same content at the same time, one set of changes could overwrite the other.


Publication and unpublication in all languages is not available.

Custom rich text configuration

Custom rich text configurations are not supported. Content Editor 1.0 supports only the default CKEditor configuration. 

Additional limitations

The following limitations may be addressed in Content Editor 1.1 and are not supported in version 1.0.0.

  • Copy to all languages
  • Work in progress
  • Picker

System name

The system name of content cannot be edited in Content Editor.

Translate view

The translate view (side-by-side view of two different languages) has not yet been implemented in Content Editor.


Adding / editing skin (through the skinnable mixin) on contents is not possible with Content Editor 1.0.

Breaking changes

Date format

The format used to display the dates in Content Editor is now only defined by the language of the user:

  • if a user is using Jahia with the French or German UI, then the date format will be DD/MM/YYYY
  • If a user is using Jahia with English UI,  then the date format will be MM/DD/YYYY

In the classic edit engine, the date format could be defined by the developers, in the content definition file.