DX Release Notes

  Written by The Jahia Team
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This document is a wrap up of the production patches delivered between DX V7.2.3.1 and DX V7.3.0.0

Digital Experience Manager

Security: APIs are protected with a token system in the security filter


  • Upgrade to Tomcat 9
  • Support of MySQL 5.7
  • Support of MariaDB 10.x
  • Support of MariaDB Galera
  • Driver upgrades
    • MySQL: mysql-connector-java-5.1.47
    • PostgreSQL: postgresql-42.2.5
    • Oracle: ojdbc8- and orai18n-
    • SQL Server:  mssql-jdbc-6.4.0.jre8
  • The ChainAction itself is not requiring authenticated user any more, but rather relies on the requirements of actions in its chain (see how-to-migrate page)
  • Use internationalized message in content rendering when there are no default view
  • New handler with more fine-grained control for the startup options
  • Can set stream name on files download by setting j:filename property
  • Expose UserDataSource class


  • New parameters in GraphQL Query API
  • Add sorting by fields
  • Support 'contains' and 'like' operations
  • GraphQL endpoint to poll the number of workflow taks
  • Move and copy node operations
  • Add language parameter in getNodesByQuery
  • Added static assets in GraphQL / renderedContent

Go to GraphQL documentation


  • Correctly restore cached properties of a cached fragment

Edit Mode

  • Fixed textarea wrapping in Edit engine on IE11
  • Reload Edit mode to reflect page status when it is deleted/undeleted
  • Add possibility to disable refresh on "save" in GWT
  • Adjusted manager labels in English
  • Fix highlighting of engine fields for work in progress content
  • Handle mixin inheritance for external mixins in Edit engine
  • Add lock status in engine header bar


  • Fixed Exception when doing search that triggers suggestions
  • Added missing i18n label translations for German and French in search module


  • Improve checks on files when importing a site using Web project management
  • Avoid storing import-file in JCR on processing node (when uploading via digital-factory-data/imports)


  • Adjusted labels for workflow types and workflow action buttons
  • Added an option into mail settings (available in the DX Administration UI) to disable e-mail notifications for all workflow tasks
  • "Publish in all languages" option in Contribute mode context menu
  • Deleting a page at the same level as the home page now redirects to the home of the current site
  • New property to force hiding the "Unpublish" action
  • Publish file in all languages by using custom spring configuration
  • Add PublicationProperties when using workflow to publish content
  • Improved performances when addding new members to JCR group


  • New module management interface
  • New edit mode status: show untranslated contents in the current language
  • "What's new" button in DX menu redirecting to jahia.com page listing new features / modules

Anthracite Theme

  • New edit mode design
  • Improved access to site settings
  • Improved organization of publication options in the different menus
  • Fix edit engine titles in the managers
  • Added scrollbar to background jobs - panel
  • Added login-button on session-timeout-screen
  • Fixed issue where pages at bottom of the tree where not accessible
  • Fix issue with hidden portlet-creation-view in edit engine
  • Fix issue with overlapping results in multiple picker
  • Added error information in edit engine for long system-names
  • Fix background color in contribute mode
  • Aligned Marketing Factory Entries in Site Settings
  • Scrolling provided for category panel in edit engine
  • Login screen is now responsive
  • Fix display issue with inherited workflow settings
  • Fix file-preview in CK-editor
  • Fix save button display when searching in a multiple content picker
  • Add scrolling in Edit Engine / Edit Roles-panel
  • Fix issue when showing content title in edit engine
  • Improve scrolling in left area of pickers
  • History is now scrollable in edit engine
  • Fix checkbox in the copy role page
  • Fix missing label in metadata tab
  • Make the UI fall back to EN
  • Use larger (350px) thumbnail view in Anthracite UI for pickers and managers
  • Improve folder display in thumbnail view (document manager)

JahiApps / Template Sets / Modules

  • Jahia RSS Feeds: Added a timeout on RSS fetching connection
  • Jahia Blog: Prevent blog modification in full read-only mode

LDAP Connector

  • Spring beans have been replaced by OSGI services in LDAP module, to avoid spring registration issues
  • Expose UserDataSource class
  • Optimization on LDAP dynamic groups membership checks

Remote Publication

  • Incorrect order of the log entries
  • Fixed sorting by date column in the Remote Publication Management Tool
  • Add the possibility to display all remote publication inconsistencies in one page
  • Fix permission issue when sending log and comparing with non-root user